Service modules provide online diagnostic, training and archiving functions for water and power plants

May 1, 2002
Westinghouse SureNet web-based service modules can reduce operations and maintenance costs of power plants and water and wastewater facilities using Westinghouse distributed control systems.

PITTSBURGH, Pa., May 1, 2002 -- Emerson Process Management Wednesday announced the availability of its Westinghouse SureNetSM Web-based service modules, designed to reduce operations and maintenance costs of power plants and water and wastewater facilities using Westinghouse distributed control systems.

"Emerson Process Management offers its customers access to experts that know their systems, understand their business and can help them operate plants safely, reliably and more efficiently," said Ann Pauley, president, Emerson's Westinghouse Process Control division. "Some service situations don't require an on-site Westinghouse presence, but still can benefit from our collective expertise. SureNet provides Web-based service which can help increase staff productivity and allow customers to focus on achieving business objectives."

SureNet modules include:
The System Diagnosis Module - With this module, Westinghouse uses the speed of modern Internet connectivity for troubleshooting. At the customer's request, the Westinghouse Support Center connects directly to a plant's control system to view status and error messages, and remotely troubleshoot problems, assess impacts, and investigate alarm history, significantly reducing response time to service calls.

The Online Tutoring Module - Online Tutoring allows customers to refresh staff control and instrumentation knowledge while controlling plant training costs. During scheduled tutoring sessions, a Westinghouse instructor logs onto a plant's system and simultaneously contacts plant operators by telephone. The instructor takes the operators through various procedures virtually, explaining each step and answering questions.

The Software Archiving Module - This module offers plants extra protection through remote file storage. With Software Archiving, Westinghouse electronically transfers application software to an off-site location weekly, to be dated and archived, allowing for an easy, cost-effective reload of plant software in the event of an emergency.

The Application Enrichment Module - Application Enrichment can keep a plant's operating system up to date with remote system modifications. After reviewing implementation procedures with plant staff, Westinghouse can download desired modifications immediately. Westinghouse then jointly monitors the new modifications with the customer to assure full functionality.

The Software Updating Module - With this module, plants can keep on top of changing technology almost effortlessly by downloading the newest patches and updates.

SureNet modules are part of the Westinghouse SureServiceSM Program, through which generating plants can create a customized support program that meets plant-specific operational needs and budgetary requirements.

About Emerson Process Management
Emerson Process Management (, an Emerson business, helps businesses automate their production, processing and distribution in the water and wastewater treatment, chemical, oil and gas, refining, pulp and paper, power, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, and other industries.

A division of Emerson, Westinghouse Process Control, Inc. (, is a global supplier of advanced distributed process control and information systems.

About Emerson
St. Louis-based Emerson ( provides technology and engineering to provide solutions to customers in process control; electronics and telecommunications; industrial automation; heating, ventilating and air conditioning; and appliance and tools. Sales in fiscal 2001 were $15.5 billion.

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