Frost & Sullivan awards MSA Instrument Division the 2001 Market Engineering Leadership Award

Feb. 11, 2002
MSA Instrument Division has been announced as the recipient of the Frost and Sullivan 2001 Market Engineering Leadership Award.

Feb. 11, 2002 -- MSA Instrument Division has been announced as the recipient of the Frost and Sullivan 2001 Market Engineering Leadership Award.
A result of over 600 hours of market analysis by industry analysts, this award is presented in recognition of MSA's outstanding contribution to the North American gas sensors market, as exemplified by the Ultima® IR Gas Monitor. Frost and Sullivan report #7862-32 "North American Gas Sensors Market" contains the full text of the award.

The MSA Ultima IR Gas Monitor is a completely self-contained assembly for detection of combustible gas. The Ultima Monitor's advanced features benefit the user in ways never before available in a remote sensor assembly. The unique IR sensing element simply plugs into the monitor, allowing detection of combustible gas in low oxygen and in the presence of compounds that typically poison other combustible gas sensors. The Ultima IR Monitor offers complete calibration (without manual intervention) and a self-contained record of the latest calibration date and time. An optional auto-calibration module permits permanent gas connection and calibration at designated time intervals.

All Ultima Gas Monitors are available for use with the Ultima® Plus Digital Network System. This allows multiple Ultima Monitors to be connected over a single communication line, reducing installation and maintenance costs. In addition, the monitors provide a local display of gas concentrations (minimum, maximum, and average), output signals and alarm indications.

A "Replace Senor" indicator alerts the user to replace the plug-in sensor, which is externally mounted to the enclosure. Relay outp8uts with two alarm levels become available when the internal relay option is selected. The Ultima Calibrator and Controller send digitally encoded signals for non-intrusive calibration and access to advanced monitor features, eliminating the need to open the enclosure during installation, set-up or calibration.

The Ultima Gas Monitor is suitable for a wide variety of indoor and outdoor applications including refineries, chemical and petrochemical facilities, steel mills, water and wastewater facilities, mining, and general industry.

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