GWTT & China on regulating groundwater discharge from construction

Jan. 8, 2016
A group of 19 senior officials and engineers from China reached out to the United States and Ground/Water Treatment & Technology, LLC (GWTT)

WHARTON, NJ (PRWEB) JANUARY 8, 2016 -- This January, Ground/Water Treatment & Technology, LLC (GWTT) is pleased to announce the success of an educational presentation between its environmental remediation contractors and officials from the Department of Environmental Monitoring of The People's Republic of China. On December 9, 2015, visiting Chinese engineers and officials met with Ground/Water Treatment & Technology, LLC (GWTT) in Wharton, NJ, to learn about regulating groundwater discharge from construction sites and how to better monitor for ongoing compliance with relevant regulations.

A group of 19 senior officials and engineers from China reached out to the United States and Ground/Water Treatment & Technology, LLC (GWTT) through Jessica Tan, who works with the international exchange department affiliated with the Ministry of Environmental Protection of the People's Republic of China.

While in the U.S. the Chinese officials also engaged in a training program at the University of North Carolina to better understand American surface water environment monitoring techniques, assessment systems, and treatment methods. China is still developing regulations for the control of contaminated groundwater and expressed interest in learning from techniques and methods utilized by U.S. companies like Ground/Water Treatment & Technology, LLC (GWTT).

“We were pleased to be able to educate some members of the Department of Environmental Monitoring of China about treating water from construction sites," said Robert Kunzel, CEO of Ground/Water Treatment & Technology, LLC (GWTT). "We hope they utilize the information they learned while in the U.S.”

The experts from Ground/Water Treatment & Technology, LLC (GWTT) conducted a presentation that focused on monitoring temporary treatment at construction dewatering sites, then covered the U.S. regulatory environment on a macro scale. Early U.S. regulations of the industry were modest, and only over the last 20 years have they become more strict.

In the presentation, Ground/Water Treatment & Technology, LLC (GWTT) also shared their knowledge of the economic benefits of clean sustainable water, which helps drive commercial and residential development along rivers and seas. People have always wanted to live near the water, and clean water is increasingly an important consideration both environmentally and financially.

In addition to the December educational exchange with the Chinese engineers, Ground/Water Treatment & Technology, LLC (GWTT) has participated in international outreach programs in the past. On May 18, 2015, Kunzel also gave a presentation at the Low Impact Development Environmental Solutions Seminar in Hong Kong.

"I see river walkways, hotels, restaurants being built along rivers throughout the world and it is in some part due to the enacted regulation and our diligence in minimizing the impact of development on the environment," Kunzel said at the time. "In the construction dewatering industry we have gone from virtually no regulation of the discharge, to a single page document, to a complex set of regulations of more than several hundred pages."

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