Invensys receives more than 50 project orders for recently introduced Foxboro A2 automation system

Dec. 9, 2003
Since introducing its Foxboro A2 automation system early in 2003, Invensys has received 57 different project orders.

FOXBORO, Mass., Dec. 9, 2003 -- Since introducing its Foxboro A2 automation system early in 2003, Invensys has received 57 different project orders.

These represent more than five million dollars in incremental business for Invensys' Foxboro Automation Systems unit. The new Foxboro A2 system complements Invensys' well-established Foxboro-brand I/A Series system platform by providing a more cost- and feature-appropriate solution for smaller or less critical process, batch, or hybrid control applications.

Recent Foxboro A2 system orders have come in from all corners of the globe: North and South America, Europe, Africa, and Asia-Pacific.

Applications include:

- Industrial boiler control
- Central station power generation data acquisition and control
- Gas processing and pipeline monitoring and control
- Food, beverage, and pharmaceutical process control
- Water and wastewater SCADA and control
- Refinery offsites monitoring and control
- Paper dryer control
- Chemical plant control

Attesting to the scalability of the new Foxboro automation system, these projects range in value from just $20,000 to well over $1,000,000.

"Based on customer feedback, it's clear that when we go head-to-head with our competitors' popular hybrid control systems, we're winning orders based on the superior price and functionality of the Foxboro A2 automation system," said Steve Young, vice president of Invensys' Foxboro Automation Systems unit.

"Foxboro A2 combines advanced remote I/O with a choice of distributed controllers and our best-in-class Wonderware HMI software to provide an unbeatable solution for many process, batch, and hybrid control applications. What's more, unlike other systems in this space, Foxboro A2 offers flexible options for both redundant control and communications. This ensures appropriate levels of availability in an extremely cost- effective manner."

Foxboro A2 systems have already been successfully engineered, installed, and commissioned in industrial facilities around the world. About the Foxboro A2 automation system Introduced in January 2003, the Foxboro A2 automation system from Invensys is designed for small-to-medium size projects and features tight integration with InTouch and other FactorySuite software applications from Invensys' Wonderware, the world's leading HMI (human machine interface) software.

The Foxboro A2 system was designed to be a highly scalable DCS (distributed control system), able to start at very small project sizes and grow to control thousands of I/O points. With simple IEC-61131 graphical editors and S88-aware project development protocol, the Foxboro A2 automation system can be easily configured for a wide variety of control applications - from small and simple, to relatively large and complex.

As such, Foxboro A2 provides an ideal complement to Invensys' offering, the Foxboro I/A Series system, which has been extensively field-proven in many of the world's largest and most complex industrial process plants.

About Invensys

Invensys is a specialist in production technology. The group helps customers improve productivity, performance and profitability using innovative services and technologies and a deep understanding of their industries and applications. Invensys Production Management works closely with customers to increase performance of production assets, maximize return on investment in production and data management technologies and remove cost and cash from the supply chain.

The division includes APV, Avantis, Eurotherm, Foxboro, IMServ, SimSci-Esscor, Triconex and Wonderware. These businesses address process and batch industries - including oil and gas, chemicals, power and utilities, food and beverage, pharmaceutical and personal health care, and mineral processing - plus the discrete and hybrid manufacturing sectors. Invensys operates in more than 60 countries, with its headquarters in London. For more information, visit .

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