Sulzer Pumps deploys web-based software to streamline business processes

May 9, 2003
PUMP-FLO Solutions announced that Sulzer Pumps, a global industrial pump manufacturer, has deployed a private branded version of its ePUMP-FLO web-based software, named SulzerSelect.

May 9, 2003 -- PUMP-FLO Solutions, a provider of software solutions to the fluid handling industry, announced that Sulzer Pumps, a global industrial pump manufacturer, has deployed a private branded version of its ePUMP-FLO web-based software, named SulzerSelect.

Sulzer Pumps has implemented the ePUMP-FLO software cooperate-wide to streamline the pump selection process for its global network of customers and sales reps.

After the initial success of a pilot program for the Sulzer Pumps North America, it was determined that Sulzer would incorporate its global product line into the full featured ePUMP-FLO web-based software platform.

"At Sulzer, we decided to retain PUMP-FLO Solution's ePUMP-FLO software as a means to improve efficiencies," said Marie Thaler, North American Marketing Manager, Sulzer Pumps. "Our sales and operations people today do a great job of responding to our customers' needs, but we wanted to give them a system that was more flexible and allowed them to easily select and configure pumps. After a thorough review of the vendor landscape, PUMP-FLO was the clear choice based on functionality, ease of use, and overall price. The ePUMP-FLO system also significantly accelerated our time to market."

"As a company known for their technological innovation, we are pleased that Sulzer Pumps has selected and successfully implemented our ePUMP-FLO solution," said Justin Johnson, Product Manager, PUMP-FLO Solutions. "By leveraging our ePUMP-FLO web-based technology, Sulzer is providing customers and sales reps with a secure web-based platform to deliver fast, measurable results."

Users of the ePUMP-FLO software can select, evaluate, and analyze centrifugal pumps using the Sulzer's electronic pump catalogs. ePUMP-FLO uses a powerful web-based search engine to select all the pumps that meet the user's specific criteria, from which, they can select the best pump for the application. After searching the chosen catalog, ePUMP-FLO then creates a list of pumps meeting the desired criteria. Pump curves can then be displayed for comparison and evaluation.

PUMP-FLO software is currently used by over 75 pump manufacturers and 65,000 customers in various industries.

About PUMP-FLO Solutions

PUMP-FLO Solutions is an Engineered Software business to further develop and market the PUMP-FLO Windows and Web-based product line. PUMP-FLO benefits manufacturers and their distributors by decreasing catalog printing costs and automating the sales and pumps selection process. PUMP-FLO Solutions provides services to digitize all pump performance data into an electronic format for use with the PUMP-FLO product line. PUMP-FLO Solutions currently provides pump selection software to over 70 manufacturers, including The Pentair Pump Group, Gorman-Rupp Co., Sulzer Pumps, Inc., Goulds Pumps, and Crane Pumps to name a few. For more information visit

About Sulzer Pumps
A builder of centrifugal pumps for more than 135 years, Sulzer Pumps provides pumping solutions and services to the Oil and Gas and Hydrocarbon Processing Industries, the Pulp and Paper Industry, Power Generation Plants as well as customers in the Water Treatment & Distribution, Food, Metals and Fertilizer businesses.

Sulzer Pumps products range from end suction process pumps optimized for specific applications in the pulp and paper industry through to individually engineered high-energy barrel pumps for power or oil & gas duties. Sulzer Pumps has a network of manufacturing and packaging facilities in 15 countries with sales offices, service centers and representatives in more than 150 countries around the world. For more information visit