Sionix reports positive results from ND frack water treatment project

Jan. 31, 2013
Sionix has completed the initial phase of commercial testing of its proprietary fracking water treating technology in the Williston Basin of North Dakota.

LOS ANGELES, CA, Jan. 31, 2013 -- Sionix Corporation (OTCQB: SINX) announced today that it has completed the initial phase of commercial testing of its proprietary water treating technology in the Williston Basin of North Dakota.

The processing facility, located in Dickinson, N.D., has successfully treated production water from fracking operations in the Bakken formation. The project's proprietary treatment process employed chemical pre-treatment, clarification, filtration and the patented Sionix Dissolved Air Flotation ("DAF") system. The project has demonstrated significant reductions in total suspended solids, total oils and greases, metals, oxygen demand and turbidity.

Sionix engaged Clear Water Services, an experienced and innovative water treating company, to participate in the testing program to verify and provide independent, third party quantitative results. Clear Water established a sampling protocol and chain-of-custody procedures for samples that are currently being analyzed by a different and independent third party laboratory in North Dakota. Chris Augustine, President of Clear Water Services, stated, "We are pleased to be working with the impressive Sionix technology and we look forward to an ongoing role in the treatment of water from fracking operations in North Dakota and other shale locations."

Ken Calligar, the Interim Chief Executive Officer of Sionix, comments, "We are gratified with our initial results achieved in a harsh environment and challenging conditions. We will continue to treat and refine our procedures through additional treatment runs on other flowback brines from the Williston Basin and anticipate further detailed third party reporting. These initial results confirm Sionix' renewed strategic commitment to demonstrate and commercially deploy our technical solutions to treat water produced in fracking operations, to build relationships with professional and experienced water treating companies like Clear Water and to continue our ongoing investment in research and development."

About Sionix Corporation

Sionix designs innovative and advanced water treatment systems intended for use in energy, government facilities, healthcare facilities, and emergency water supplies during natural disasters, housing development projects, and various industrial processes including subterranean fracturing used in oil and gas drilling. These systems can be located adjacent to contaminated water sites or as a pre-treatment for reverse osmosis and other membrane applications. Industries involved in dairy, agribusiness, meat processing, mining, poultry operations, and many others can benefit from Sionix' cost-effective, easily maintained, portable water treatment systems. For more information about the company, go to


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