Wastewater purification, reuse in carpet industry demonstrated by pilot project

Feb. 28, 2011
KNOXVILLE, TN, Feb. 28, 2011 -- Aqua-Chem has developed a solution to removing dye and chemical additives from industrial wastewater used in large-scale carpet manufacturing...

KNOXVILLE, TN, Feb. 28, 2011 -- Aqua-Chem Inc., a leader in global water solutions, announced today that it has developed an innovative solution to removing dye and chemical additives from industrial wastewater used in large-scale carpet manufacturing. The results of an industry-first pilot project with J&J Industries, a leading carpet manufacturer based in Dalton, GA, conclusively demonstrate that it is both practical and economically feasible to remove dye and other additives from industrial wastewater and to reuse the water in carpet dyeing in an environmentally innovative process.

"This is the wave of the future in the global water purification market," said David Gensterblum, President & CEO of Aqua-Chem. "Clean water is an increasingly valuable commodity everywhere- and our ground-breaking process addresses clean water as a critical expense and environmental issue for a wide range of manufacturers. Aqua-Chem's state-of-the art water purification technology lowers operating costs dramatically by allowing re-use of wastewater in the manufacturing process. This is a green-themed solution, both environmentally and economically, that works for a wide range of manufacturers."

The pilot demonstrated that 70% of wastewater effluents in dyeing operations can be reused in the manufacturing process. The full-scale system is projected to recover 90% of wastewater.

"These are impressive results by any standard," said Dr. Howard Elder, Director of Research and Environmental Affairs at J&J Industries. "Decreasing water consumption is a major focus of ours and we are delighted to participate in the development of this technology. J&J Industries and Aqua-Chem are committed to developing a process that minimizes water consumption and offers opportunities for energy recovery."

Not only has J&J Industries reduced its environmental footprint through energy conservation and waste reduction efforts, the company has received a 2010 Excellence in Partnership (EIP) Award by the Coalition for Government Procurement. J&J Industries was also the recipient of the 2009 Evergreen Award by the General Services Administration (GSA) to recognize efforts in recycling, environmentally preferable procurement and waste reduction.

Treatment of industrial wastewater is a major focus area for Aqua-Chem, which recently acquired Enviro-Solutions, LLC, an industrial water treatment equipment and chemical firm that participated with Aqua-Chem in the J&J Industries project. The acquisition of Enviro-Solutions is a major component of Aqua-Chem's growth strategy through the development of comprehensive industrial-wastewater treatment capabilities.

About J&J Industries
A family-owned business for three generations, J&J Industries engineers broadloom and tile products with a steadfast commitment to design, quality, service, integrity and sustainability.

J&J Industries features two commercial carpet brands. J+J/Invision offers innovative broadloom and modular products that unite design vision with performance and budget. J+J/Templeton combines custom design and performance for the hospitality market.

J&J Industries has incorporated an extreme focus on environmental stewardship and ongoing innovation through corporate initiatives. Sustainability is a part of the culture and conduct - and is integral in every decision.

About Aqua-Chem Inc.
Founded in 1940, Aqua-Chem is a leading solutions provider in evaporation and reverse osmosis technologies and water pretreatment equipment, with a full array of engineering, manufacturing, installation, training and maintenance services. The company serves the needs of customers in the following major markets: offshore oil and gas, commercial marine, pharmaceutical, beverage, military and industrial markets. Aqua-Chem participates in the water, power and waste treatment and offshore water & fluid handling markets through its Matrix and Specific Equipment divisions and in the industrial water treatment market through Aqua-Chem Industrial Division. Based in Knoxville, TN, Aqua-Chem sells its products in more than 100 countries around the world.

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