Anaerobic wastewater treatment plant to provide energy for paper producer

Feb. 16, 2011
VIENNA & ORTMANN, Austria, Feb. 16, 2011 -- Swedish paper-maker SCA Hygiene Products has commissioned the building of an anaerobic wastewater treatment plant at its Austrian SCA site in Ortmann...
The BIOBED® EGSB reactor generates energy-rich biogas from wastewater with high organic loads, such as in the paper industry.

VIENNA & ORTMANN, Austria, Feb. 16, 2011 -- The Swedish company SCA Hygiene Products, manufacturer of tissue products and packaging materials, has commissioned the building of an anaerobic wastewater treatment plant at its Austrian SCA site in Ortmann. At this production site, toilet paper, serviettes and pocket tissues of brands such as ZEWA, COSY and TORK are produced from pulp and recycled paper. The order for the anaerobic water treatment went to Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies (VWS). The VWS subsidiary Veolia Water Systems Austria is building the plant in close cooperation with the wastewater specialists of Aquantis in Germany, which also is a VWS company. Aquantis is essentially handling the overall planning of the anaerobic stage according to the BIOBED® EGSB system. The plant is designed for a maximum CSB load of 16,000 kg/d and a wastewater quantity of up to 8,000 m³/d.

The commissioned anaerobic wastewater treatment is due to go into operation in August this year and will significantly ease the workload of the existing aerobic wastewater treatment plant. The core of the planned plant is an 850 m³ BIOBED® reactor in which the anaerobic pre-treatment is carried out. The energy-rich biogas arising from the process will after cleaning and drying be fed with the aid of a compressor to the works gas turbine to generate its own electricity and steam.

The production site of SCA Hygiene Products in Austria. The new anaerobic treatment will be built next to the existing sewage water plant at the bottom on this picture.The Ortmann works of SCA is located in the Piesting Valley in Lower Austria. The SCA production site is an important member of the Wastewater Association of the Upper Piesting Valley and the largest discharger into the local sewage plant. To safeguard the plant's cleaning efficiency, including in the case of foreseen future greater waste paper inputs and increased production quantities, the management of SCA Hygiene Tissue decided on the building of the anaerobic partial current cleaning before the intake of the existing aerobic biology.

Veolia Water Systems Austria and Aquantis are both part of Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies (VWS), which is a subsidiary of Veolia Water, a leading design & build company and a specialized provider of technological solutions in water treatment. With over 9,500 employees in 57 countries, Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies recorded revenue of €2.5 billion Euros in 2009.

Veolia Water, the water division of Veolia Environnement, is the world leader in water and wastewater services. Specialized in outsourcing services for municipal authorities, as well as industrial and service companies, Veolia Water provides water service to 95 million people and wastewater service to 66 million. With 95,789 employees in 66 countries, its 2009 revenue amounted to €12.5 billion.


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