Product Showcase

Nov. 1, 2009

Device manager

Emerson Process Management has introduced a family of more than 50 Device Dashboards for its AMS®
Suite: Intelligent Device Manager developed from Human Centered Design practices. The new dashboards are intuitively designed interfaces that provide, in one glance, a clear view of everything users need to evaluate, diagnose, and configure a field device. Each has embedded expert guidance to streamline the most important and frequent tasks performed by plant operations, engineering, and maintenance personnel. Emerson Process Management, Austin, TX, www.emersonprocess.comWeigh batch eductor

A new Bulk Bag Weigh Batch Eductor System from Flexicon loosens bulk solid material that has solidified during storage and shipment, discharges the material by weight, and blends it into a liquid stream. The skid-mounted system incorporates two Bulk Bag Unloading Frames, each with an integral Bulk Bag Conditioner comprised of a hydraulic pump and two rams with contoured end plates that press opposing sides of bulk bags. Flexicon Corp., Bethlehem, PA, 888-353-9426,

Pump controller

The Hydrovar Variable Speed Controller from ITT Goulds Pumps can improve the energy efficiency of centrifugal pumps. The controller is an update to the Aquavar motor-mount drive series with a new modular design and more intuitive programming for setup and troubleshooting. When mounted on inline or end-suction centrifugal pumps, it maintains proper system pressures and flows by controlling the speed of the pump, producing energy savings of up to 70 percent compared to fixed-speed pumps. ITT Goulds Pumps, White Plains, NY,

Mass flow meter

The new Model ST51 Mass Flow Meter from Fluid Components International is designed as an application-specific solution for monitoring digester gas, biogas and other methane composition biofuel gases as well as natural gas. The company calibrates the meters in its NIST-traceable flow lab to match the gas composition and specific flow conditions of the user’s digester system, which results in an instrument that is matched precisely to the facility’s actual operating environment. Fluid Components International, San Marcos, CA, 800-854-1993,

Advanced oxidation systems

Air Products offers a range of water and wastewater treatment systems marketed globally
under the Halia™ brand name. The company’s offerings include pure oxygen aeration systems for wastewater treatment, as well as ozone advanced oxidation systems for drinking water and water reuse applications. Included in the product line is the Halia Advanced Oxidation System incorporating the HiPOx® technology, an ozone-based advanced oxidation process for water treatment. HiPOx has been granted conditional acceptance by the California Department of Public Health for unrestricted water reuse under Title 22 of the California Code of Regulations and is the first ozone-based technology validated to meet disinfection criteria for treating wastewater and making it available for reuse. Air Products, Lehigh Valley, PA, 610-481-4911, www.airproducts.comBatch reactor

The AquaExcel® Batch Reactor process is an ideal application for municipalities and industries which are sensitive to odor considerations. While such systems can produce a light, musty scent, it is normally not considered objectionable and is typically limited to the direct vicinity of the water surface. The system can easily be covered, if desired, with the exhaust gas available for venting, or further treatment if preferred. The batch reactor incorporates benefits of the AquaSBR® system with advanced decanting and process monitoring and control.
Aqua-Aerobics, 815-639-4456,

Air compressors

Kaeser’s new HSD system features two independently operating compressors in a single enclosure. These new packages are available from 500-650 hp, and deliver flows from 1632-3002 cfm and pressures from 100-217 psig. The system incorporates two individual compressor units including a motor, Sigma Profile airend, separator aftercooler, draintrap and filtration. Because each module is a complete compressor – and not just two airends stacked together – the HSD provides maximum part-load efficiency, built-in redundancy, and reduced installation costs. The compressor units are started one after another to reduce inrush current and protect against network overload. Kaeser Compressors, 800-777-7873,

Pressure switch

Ashcroft® A-Series pressure switches are designed for tough OEM and industrial applications requiring a miniature switch. Available with explosion-proof and watertight enclosures, the stainless steel A-Series pressure switch features a refined piston actuator that can be ranged up to 2000 psi while enduring a working pressure of 5000 psi. Small dimensions, a choice of connections and a field adjustable set point make the pressure switch easy to configure and install in nearly any alarm, shutdown or control application.
Ashcroft, 800-328-8258,

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