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March 1, 2016
Compilation of print and digital information resources for the municipal water and wastewater markets.
PVC pipe app

PVC4Pipes, the trade association for developing and promoting sustainable PVC piping systems in the global market, has developed an app that communicates all the essential benefits of PVC piping systems alongside their green credentials. Currently available as 45 pages of English text, it will be reproduced shortly on the website in German, French, Spanish and Russian.


Wastewater treatment book

DEStech Publications Inc. recently released Wastewater Bioaugmentation and Biostimulation, by Michael Gerardi. The book is a guide to understanding and enhancing existing microbial populations in wastewater treatment. It addresses operational problems arising from deficiencies in biomass and shows how these situations can be recognized and corrected. Some of the highlights of the book include strategies for using microbes for biogas, controlling filamentous organisms, floc formation, odor reduction, sludge management and more.

DEStech Publications Inc.

New website

AW-Lake Company now provides the capability to model then order flow meters online as one of the new features of its redesigned corporate website. Among other new features of the website are: an expanded multi-brand portfolio of flow measurement products; application capabilities in the oil/gas, processing, hydraulic and other industries; mobile compatibility; support chat and multi-language translations. To help customers quickly order the right flow meter, the AW-Lake website provides an online part configurator tool that supports the selection of process parameters in configuring a 3D model and building a part number for ordering flow technology through the website.

AW-Lake Company

Wastewater course

A new course offered by Sacramento State’s Office of Water Programs is designed to train personnel to safely and effectively operate and maintain wastewater collection systems. “Operation and Maintenance of Wastewater Collection Systems” is designed to train operators in the practical aspects of wastewater collection system operation and maintenance (O&M), emphasizing safe practices and procedures. Operators learn about safe procedures for working in traffic, confined space entry, excavation and shoring; about inspecting and testing sewers; and about completing underground repairs and construction.

Office of Water Programs

Website update

Chlorinators Incorporated’s new website has been redesigned to better serve the company’s existing customer base and to educate the market about the safety, reliability and cost-effectiveness of gas chlorination and the REGAL™ brand product line. The REGAL brand is known both nationally and internationally, and offers a variety of products for water processing in many different industries including municipal, industrial, water and wastewater treatment facilities, fruit and vegetable washing, poultry, dairy and other livestock drinking water, meat, poultry and seafood processing, and all types of irrigation systems.

Chlorinators Incorporated

Online trace metals analysis

Aqua Metrology Systems is now offering online trace metals analysis in five minutes through an enhancement to theSafeGuard™ analyzer, which has been providing municipal and industrial users with accurate and reliable online measurements of trace metal contaminants for nearly two decades. The SafeGuard analyzer undertakes online analysis for up to twodifferent trace metals including arsenic, chromium-6, selenium and more on a single automated unit. The standard SafeGuard system provides online measurements that provide accuracy of 1 ppb for all trace metals, except for total selenium,which has an accuracy of 5 ppb.

Aqua Metrology Systems

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