May 1, 2007
Siemens Water Technologies has the largest portfolio of technologies and solutions for drinking water systems.

Drinking water solutions

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Siemens Water Technologies has the largest portfolio of technologies and solutions for drinking water systems. A new brochure at its website highlights these capabilities. While ever-tightening water regulations, aging equipment and population growth continue to challenge production of reliable drinking water, tailored solutions include standard package plants or custom designs. Products and services covered include groundwater remediation, surface water, new installations, upgrades and retrofits, aftermarket parts and services. Siemens Water Technologies, Warrendale, PA, 800-525-0658,

Steamy solutions

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Sioux Corp., a leading manufacturer of rugged, heavy-duty, dependable pressure washers, steam cleaners, steam generators, and water and solution heaters for various applications, releases a new brochure for its products. It describes the company’s complete engineering capabilities for designing and building custom machines for specialized applications worldwide. Application-specific equipment for use in several industries, including petroleum, manufacturing, government, concrete, chemical, pharmaceutical, mining, and food processing are available. Sioux Corp., Beresford, SD, 605-763-3333,

Stormwater chambers

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The advanced design of StormTech’s underground chambers allows stormwater professionals to create more profitable, environmentally sound installations. Compared with other subsurface systems, these chambers offer lower overall installed costs, superior design flexibility ands enhanced long-term performance. With maximum design flexibility, they’re ideal for commercial, municipal and residential applications, configurable into beds or trenches in centralized or decentralized layouts to fit nearly any site. StormTech SubSurface Stormwater Management, Wethersfield, CT, 888-892-2694,

New TMDL tool kit

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The Water Environment Federation (WEF) has released a new tool kit for third-party TMDLs - total maximum daily loads. Developed under a cooperative agreement with the USEPA, the tool kit is the final document in a series of outreach products developed by WEF’s Third-Party TMDL Development Task Force to educate stakeholders and encourage greater third-party participation in TMDL development. Intended for watershed management groups, industries, municipalities, utilities, local and state environmental regulators, planning agencies, universities and other potential stakeholders, the Tool Kit is available for download at the website below. Water Environment Federation, Alexandria, VA, 800-666-0206,

Specialty additives brochure

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Alco Chemical has published a new brochure on its specialty additives for water treatment. “Alco Water Treatment Portfolio” contains selection guides detailing high performance additives for process water treatment applications, such as cooling towers, boilers, industrial waste treatment and potable water preparation. Because demands for additives vary by region and application, the publication provides selection guides for the company’s diverse portfolio of products covering three water treatment areas: “Waste Treatment - General,” “Scale and Deposit Control” and “Industrial Biocides.” Alco Chemical, Chattanooga, TN, 800-251-1080,

Dispensers, metering pumps

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Fluid Metering’s new 36-page 2007 catalog covers precision dispensers and metering pumps for laboratory, industrial, process and OEM applications. It includes the new VMP Series of programmable variable displacement dispensing and metering systems. Program and store up to 100 combinations of all dispense control parameters including piston displacement, flow rate, rpm, forward, reverse, quick-prime and suck back. The new TSI touch screen interface adds intuitive programming of up to 16 pumps simultaneously. Fluid Metering Inc., Syosset , NY, 800-223-3388,

Produced water

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A fact sheet is available on Altela Inc.’s newest product, the AltelaRainTM System ARS-4000, a mobile, fully integrated water desalination/decontamination solution for highly challenged produced water. The system is built and contained in standard 40’ shipping containers. Individual unit towers are about the size of a residential water heater and are capable of processing about 330 gpd (8 BPD) of water with salt concentration in excess of 150,000 ppm. Altela Inc., Albuquerque, NM, 505-843-4197,

PROFINET booklet

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The PTO (PROFIBUS and PROFINET, North America) is offering a free booklet that takes a fresh look at Industrial Ethernet and addresses some of the myths and facts about PROFINET. The 40-page booklet: “PROFINET or The Story of Pretty Polly, Sweet SUE and the White Knight” is available on request in hardcopy, or for download in .PDF format at The PTO, Scottsdale, AZ, 480-483-2456,

Process systems

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A brochure is available online for Invensys Process Systems, which provides products, services and solutions for the automation and optimization of plant operation in the process industries. It occupies a top-three position in the distributed control system DCS, safety, and simulation markets; its products are installed in over 50,000 plants across the world. Serving process and batch industries, including hydrocarbons, chemicals, power and utilities and metals and mining, and also the discrete and hybrid manufacturing sectors, the company is at the forefront of technological innovation. Invensys Systems Inc., Foxboro, MA, 866-746-6477,

Motion-feedback encoder

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MercuryTM II is the next-generation motion-feedback encoder. No other encoder in its class surpasses it for performance, versatility or ease of use. A brochure details four models available with programmable resolutions ranging from 5μm to 1.2nm (linear) or 20k CPR to 268M CPR (rotary). It features cut-to-length tape scale with stick-on optical index and limit markers. High levels of short range accuracy are achievable with glass scales. Operating speed is 4m/s at 1μm resolution - over two times faster than competitive 20μm encoders using A-quad-B output. The same sensor works with metal tape, linear glass, or rotary glass scales. Plus, the low Z-height sensor is just 8.7 mm tall. MicroE Systems, Natick, MA, 800-355-4047,

Online automation school

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Emerson Process Management, provider of DeltaVTM and Ovation® digital automation systems, is offering 19 new online training courses on various aspects of wireless for process automation. The new courses are available free through, its educational website. Five more will be available soon, and all 24 courses will later be translated into Spanish and Chinese. They’re practical, concise and free of marketing hype. Each can be completed in about 15 minutes and is available at no charge to anyone with an Internet connection worldwide. Subject matter includes: what is wireless, wireless standards, wireless myths, self-organizing networks, and wireless applications. Emerson Process Management, Austin, TX, 512-832-3089,

Digester gas holders

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A brochure is now available for the Dystor® system, a gas storage solution that’s more economical to install than steel gas holders and more versatile and stable than floating covers. Ideal for both primary and secondary digesters, its dome-shaped, engineered membrane system maximizes storage of methane gas and sludge, while also containing odors. An outer air membrane remains inflated in a fixed position and is cable restrained to ensure system integrity and allow operating pressures up to 16” w.c. An inner gas membrane moves freely as it stores or releases gas generated from the anaerobic digestion process. With variable operating pressure automatically equalized, the system works well in new installations or as a retrofit for old steel covered tanks. Siemens Water Technologies Corp., Warrendale, PA, 866-926-8420, or

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