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April 23, 2015
Collection of valve products and services.
Pressure control valve

WesTech's exclusive Haymore Back Pressure Control Valve is uniquely designed to optimize the release of dissolved air concentric to the influent stream at the center of a dissolved air flotation (DAF) mechanism, rather than at the perimeter. This maximizes the benefit of a circular DAF design by allowing proportional distribution of microscopic air bubbles over a larger surface area, increasing the effectiveness of the flotation process. An adjustable hand wheel allows the operator to control the pressure in the system. This pressure is indicated by an integral gauge complete with a diaphragm seal.

WesTech Engineering Inc.

Pinch valve

Red Valve's Series 75 manually operated pinch valve is a reliable, maintenance-free, cost-effective valve designed for tough slurries, abrasives and corrosive-chemical applications. Its full port design eliminates any dead spots or crevices, seats or bearings where slurry can hang up and impair operation or cause complete valve failure. Two mechanical pinch bars open and close the elastomer sleeve, and the heart of this unique valve is the durable, flexible rubber sleeve, which reinforces with high-strength fabric. The sleeve, the only part of the valve exposed to the line process, eliminates maintenance and the need for expensive, exotic body materials.

Red Valve Company Inc.

Self-loading regulator valves

With the introduction of its new SLR-1 and SLR-2 Self-Loading Regulator valves, Cashco now offers customers more choices for pressure regulation. Formerly marketed by Kaye MacDonald prior to the company's acquisition by Cashco in 1999, both valves have since been improved and updated. The SLR-1 consists of a DA4 high-performance, pressure-loaded, flow-to-open pressure-reducing regulator with either a Cashco P1 or Fairchild Model 10 pressure-reducing regulator mounted onto it. Similar to the SLR-1, the SLR-2 employs a P1/Fairchild valve mounted onto a DA4 pressure-reducing regulator.

Cashco Inc.

Industrial valve

Flowrox's new SKW valve, the Slurry Knife Wafer, is designed to enhance current pipeline equipment and processes using enhanced technology for fluid control. It was developed for use in the mining, oil and gas, power, minerals and metallurgy, and wastewater industries, where abrasive or corrosive slurries, powders or coarse substances are processed. The valve is engineered at full-bore with no flow restrictions, allowing processes with abrasive or corrosive fluids to move without compromising performance. This allows the valve itself to become an integral part of the pipe and to process the same fluids in harsh conditions.

Flowrox Inc.

Flange insert valves

Flange Insert valves from Check-All Valve provide a simple and economical way to install check valves in a piping system, where the valve body automatically positions the valve and holds it in place while bolts are being installed and tightened. All that is required is two gaskets in place of the one normally used in a flanged joint. The valves are designed to fit between two mating ANSI flanges, and the "Spring Housing" designated by the "A" dimension is designed to be inserted into the upstream pipe, thereby centering it in the pipe.

Check-All Valve Manufacturing Co.

Pinch valve

Onyx Valve's products are designed to handle all types of slurry services. The company features both drop-tight, on-off and modulating-duty pinch valves. Along with the economic cost of these products comes the ease of maintenance. Each valve is designed with an easily interchangeable sleeve, which is the only valve part that comes in contact with the process fluid. With the Onyx Pinch Valve, for example, there are a variety of design configurations, with several possibilities of changes in enclosure, pinching mechanism, sleeve type, and actuation.

Onyx Valve Company

Butterfly valves

Valtorc's butterfly valves provide an economical solution to flow control with their bi-directional service. The sanitary butterfly valves are offered in sizes up to 12" in manual or actuated packages. They are Ideal for food services with 110 PSI max at 200˚F and satisfy USDA and FDA standards. FDA-approved Viton or EPDM options are also available upon request. A 316L mirror finish disc provides an even flow that prevents obstructions and restrictions, and an opposing body bolt design prevents loosening between body sections due to vibration and operation.

Valtorc International

Thermostatic valve

The Danfoss BVTS valve is designed for protection of bio-mass boilers, stoves and solar systems. The valve has two functions: overheat protection (if the water temperature exceeds 95°C, the valve opens and hot water is discharged from the boiler or the built-in heat exchanger); and protection against back-burning (if the temperature in the fuel feed system rises above 95°C, the valve will dispense water to extinguish fire).

Danfoss, a brand of Peerless Electronics Inc.

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