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June 19, 2015
Collection of pipes and related products and services.
Piping elbow

When a piping elbow fails, there are maintenance expenses, installation considerations, loss of conveyed product, environmental concerns, and lost production due to system downtime, among other concerns. HammerTek's Smart Elbow® for pneumatic and slurry conveying systems virtually eliminates elbow wear, product degradation, plugging, surging, cross-contamination, noise, and turbulence. The technology changes direction by deflection, eliminating the impact zone and thereby eliminating elbow wear, friction and product degradation. A free trial and one-year warranty programs are also available.

HammerTek Corporation

Management software

Engineered Software's PIPE-FLO® Professional v14.0 is widely used in the engineering, commissioning and operations of piping projects. The heart of the program is the piping simulation model, which continually updates as the system evolves. The model allows PIPE-FLO to reflect the operation accurately as new information becomes available. By integrating even tighter standards to the software and increasing the number of calculations and warning messages, it is easy to improve the accuracy of piping operation modeling.

Engineered Software Inc.

Pipe transit designer

Roxtec has released its free software, Roxtec Transit Designer. The new tool simplifies sealing product selection and drives efficiency. Designers and engineers just enter their cable schedule, sealing requirements, installation preferences, and preliminary opening sizes into the system, and the software generates manufacturer-approved drawings and documents such as material lists and installation instructions. Design teams can share their work online with project teams anywhere in the world, and experts are available through the chat function.

Roxtec Inc.

Welding system

CLIMAX Portable Machining and Welding Systems announced the release of the AC5000 AutoClad to its line of on-site cladding machines. Designed to automate the internal cladding of small-diameter nozzles and pipes, the new system makes it easy for manufacturers of processing equipment, such as pressure vessels, valves and flow-control devices, to achieve the proper weld in the right place, even during the most difficult welding jobs. A water-cooled torch keeps temperatures under control, allowing the AC5000 to complete long weld times.

CLIMAX Portable Machining and Welding Systems Inc.

Wrap clamp

The new Ford Meter Box Dual-Armor Wrap Clamp offers full wrap-around coverage of stainless steel armor to provide maximum protection against leaks. The dual-armored EPDM gasket provides 360-degree coverage of the pipe, making it easy to squeeze and hold the gasket over the leak. The stainless steel body and e-coated ductile iron lugs provide superior corrosion resistance, while location indicators simplify "blind" installation for underwater scenarios.

The Ford Meter Box Company Inc.

Pipe renovation system

The self-driven Schwalm Robotic pipe renovation system from LMK Technologies is now compatible with Sewer Pipeline Inspection Camera Systems, resulting in increased pipe renovation capabilities. The system cuts, grinds and chisels the full circumference of a pipe and operates in pipe diameters from 5.5" to 24". A unique feature includes the ability to remotely disconnect the lining equipment, allowing the robot to be used to install another liner while the first liner is curing, which significantly increases production.

LMK Technologies

Video inspection crawler

Designed to inspect pipes and passageways as narrow as 4", the new RX95 from Envirosight is a video inspection crawler based on a compact, maneuverable footprint designed to overcome obstacles. It incorporates a digital control architecture that makes it infinitely upgradeable, and it also works with any ROVVER X camera, controller and reel. The RX95 offers steerable six-wheel drive for maximum maneuverability; onboard sensors for tilt, roll, pressure, and temperature; and a built-in selectable 412/640 Hz sonde for easy locating.

Envirosight LLC

Socket wrenches

Lowell Corporation offers the 50, 50QR and 150 Series of ratcheting socket wrenches that are designed for tough construction and pipeline jobs. The 50 wrenches are cast iron, while the 150 wrenches are stamped steel. The ratchet mechanism in the 50 is also fully enclosed, while the less-expensive 150's mechanism is partially enclosed. The heads also differ in that the 50 disassemble for cleaning, while the 150 heads do not. The 150 tools are also available with a large, easy-to-use shifting mechanism and an ergonomic comfort grip.

Lowell Corporation

Pipe repair

The HydraWrap Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) System from HydraTech provides a nonmetallic chemical- and corrosion-resistant structural repair to degraded pipes (both thin-wall and through-wall). The HydraWrap Composite System is a combination of high-performance epoxies and custom-made carbon fiber fabric. This combination produces a non-corrosive structural repair that is easily installed and conforms to various shapes and sizes. HydraWrap kits are designed with a minimum of two layers of fabric with additional reinforcement being achieved through additional layers.

HydraTech Engineered Products LLC

Electronic marker system

3M's Electronic Marker System (EMS) Rope 7000 series uses propriety 3M path-marking technology to deliver accurate and reliable tracking of underground plastic pipe and fiber optic conduit. Designed as a high-performance alternative to the current industry standard solution, the EMS Rope series is available for gas, telco and water utility applications. The new series helps alleviate detection problems often faced by utilities and can be easily installed alongside underground pipes, even in the event of a cut or removal of a segment.


Deburring tools

Reed's patented DEB1 Series Deburring Tools both deburr and produce a clean chamfer to manufacturers' standards in one revolution. The new DEB1IPS-INT is a 2-in-1 tool that fits the outer diameter pipe on one end and the inner diameter with the other, eliminating the need to buy two separate tools. The DEB1 offers knurled grip for slip-resistance and a durable aluminum body for longevity. Suitable for PVC, CPVC, PE, ABS, and PP, the DEB1IPS-INT fits 1/2, 3/4 and 1-inch IPS pipe. Both blades are replaceable.

Reed Manufacturing Company


McElroy is improving jobsite efficiencies with the creation of the OneFit™ Inserts, which make it possible to butt-fuse a range of pipe sizes on a single McElroy machine. The single-insert design fits directly into the jaws of the machine without the need for additional master or nesting inserts. As a result, fewer items need to be stored, moved and installed. It is an ideal application when trying to fit a single or odd pipe size. It is offered in lightweight aluminum construction.

McElroy Manufacturing Inc.

Plug valve, coupling

Victaulic has updated its StrengThin™ Piping System with the Series 466 plug valve and Style D08 coupling. Designed for on/off and control services, the 466 features an increased flow area and smaller end-to-end dimensions than the 465. The valve is available in 10" – 6" sizes with StrengThin or Original Groove System ends and features a super duplex body, bonnet and plug, and PTFE seats. The D08 delivers weld-like load-carrying capabilities, and rigidity and proper assembly are achieved by meeting minimum torque requirement for the applicable coupling size.


Piping systems

Corzan® HP Piping Systems are engineered with Lubrizol Corporation's chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (CPVC) technology. This corrosion-resistant material eliminates pitting and scaling while providing superior lifecycle benefits. Corzan HP Piping systems eliminate internal and external corrosion caused by industrial environments, reduce installation time and cost, offer lower life-cycle costs, and ensure optimal flow rate.

Corzan Industrial Systems

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