FilterBoxx Water & Environmental announces sanitary wastewater treatment plant for mining installation

March 15, 2016
This site is located 5,000 feet above sea level and is noted as having the second highest snowfall rating in Canada.

CALGARY, March 15, 2016-- Mr. Larry Novachis, Chief Executive Officer at FilterBoxx Water & Environmental Corp. ("FilterBoxx" or "the Corporation") announces that FilterBoxx Packaged Water Solutions was awarded the contract to supply a permanent sanitary wastewater treatment plant for a mining camp in northwestern, British Columbia.

This site is located 5,000 feet above sea level and is noted as having the second highest snowfall rating in Canada. With ice-roads as the primary method of travel in and out of this camp, access and to and from the site is very limited. In addition to the challenges of a remote site, the plant was required to produce treated water effluent that meets Ministry of Environment's discharge limits of BOD - <5.0 mg/L and TSS <5.0 mg/L.

"FilterBoxx became involved with the project in mid-2014 with the supply of a temporary wastewater treatment plant. The plant supported the existing on-site work camp and treated 75m3/day of wastewater. The Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) plant was supplied completely pre-assembled and tested/commissioned prior to shipping. This unit was designed to withstand the harsh Canadian climate that would be expected atop the glacier." comments Novachis. "FilterBoxx was responsible for complete plant operations and performed routine plant maintenance during this time period" he adds.

During mid-2015, following regulatory and finance approvals, FilterBoxx initiated pre-design on a plant expansion for a permanent installation. The permanent plant was awarded to FilterBoxx based on our standard pre-engineered design in September 2015, and will be delivered to site in Q1 2016.

The permanent treatment system will continue to utilize MBR technology to meet the strict discharge regulations for surface water. The system capacity was expanded to 150 m3/d and now includes a sludge dewatering and drying system as part of the expanded supply. These systems will be supplied by FilterBoxx completely pre-assembled and tested/commissioned prior to shipping. Overall foot print of the permanent plant, including sludge dewatering and drying equipment will be 3 modular buildings: 3 x [10' x 50'].

About FilterBoxx Water & Environmental
FilterBoxx Water & Environmental Corp. operates subsidiaries as FilterBoxx Packaged Water Solutions and FilterBoxx Energy Services.Packaged Water Solutions is solutions based supplier of standard and custom water and wastewater treatment systems. FilterBoxx Energy Services provides Rental Equipment, Services and Plant Operations to our rental fleet of water and wastewater treatment systems. Energy Services also supports our Design-Build-Own-Operate (DBOO) plants operating throughoutCanada and the USA.

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