Clean Industrial Technologies, Inc. awards contract to Water Planet

Feb. 10, 2017
Groups will deploy CMS-2500 system in Alberta oilfield project. 

LOS ANGELES, FEBRUARY 10, 2017 -- Water Planet, a global supplier of intelligent membrane products, has been selected by Clean Industrial Technologies, Inc. (CIT) to install its IntelliFlux®-controlled CMS-2500 system in a gas refinery located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. The containerized system provided by Water Planet will treat onsite wastewaters for direct reuse.

A member of the EDC Environmental Group of Companies, Clean Industrial Technologies provides industrial water management and other environmental services to various industries in the effort to conserve and optimize water use.

"After the evaluation of a number of water management technologies from around the world, we selected Water Planet because of their system's ability to operate dependably with harsh and varying influent water quality conditions. IntelliFlux was the difference maker for us. I am confident that we have made the right choice, and we look forward to a long and lasting strategic relationship with Water Planet," said Jeffrey Sundquist, Clean Industrial's Chief Executive Officer.

"As one of Canada's most innovative environmental services companies, CIT applies industry leading products to help their clients meet sustainability objectives, while reducing operating costs. The Water Planet system is an ideal fit to help them achieve these goals," said Eric Hoek, Chief Executive Officer of Water Planet.

Water Planet's core product lines include its IntelliFlux® artificial intelligence-based self-adaptive flux optimization control software and its PolyCera® robust and easy-to-clean polymeric-ceramic membranes. Due to its tough, reliable design and IntelliFlux controls, the CMS-2500 unit Water Planet supplied to CIT is designed to operate continuously up to 100 gallons per minute (17 cubic meters per hour) at up to 85 degrees C (170 degrees F) with influents containing up to 2,000 ppm oil and 1,000 ppm solids.

About Water Planet
Based in Los Angeles, California, Water Planet ( offers its unique, intelligent membrane solutions for the world's most challenging water reuse applications. Water Planet's product lines include IntelliFlux® system control software and PolyCera® membrane filtration products.

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