Select Energy launches new water solutions facility in Oklahoma

Dec. 18, 2014
Select Energy Services has launched the new Pecan Hill Water Solutions Facility in Grady County, Okla., to serve oil and gas operations, house a saltwater disposal well and freshwater trucking depot, and provide access to 25,000 barrels of freshwater per day from a buried pipeline.

GRADY COUNTY, OK, Dec. 18, 2014 -- Today, Select Energy Services, a water solutions and oilfield service company, launched the new Pecan Hill Water Solutions Facility in southeast Grady County, Okla. The facility, which will serve oil and gas operations, houses a saltwater disposal well (SDW) and a freshwater trucking depot and provides access to 25,000 barrels of freshwater per day from a buried pipeline.

In 2013, Select Energy and Access Midstream developed the idea of running freshwater through an underground pipeline to supply a reliable resource to area exploration and production companies. The existing facility was equipped with an SDW, and the companies repurposed a segment of a 13-mile, 6-inch, steel hydrocarbon pipeline to allow for the movement of freshwater. The conversion was completed in November.

"The ability to safely and securely transfer 25,000 barrels of freshwater per day to an area in need and provide a clean, safe and convenient disposal option for saltwater is a big step for the region," said Chad Mitchell, regional vice president for Select Energy. "We look forward to the solutions this facility provides to our customers and the local community and are pleased to be a partner on this innovative initiative."

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About Select Energy Services

Select Energy Services strives to change the oil and gas industry's approach to water management. By providing strategic water management solutions from sourcing to disposal, Select delivers innovative, efficient, end-to-end solutions and well-site services to producers. With nearly 5,000 employees and $800 million in revenues, Select Energy is a premier provider of water solutions that help unlock the vital energy resources of the nation. For more information, visit


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