RO provider to expand customer base, industrial water treatment operations with US headquarters

Dec. 18, 2012
Desalitech, a provider of advanced water treatment solutions, announced that it will be establishing its U.S. headquarters in Massachusetts...

TEL AVIV, Israel, Dec. 18, 2012 -- Desalitech, Ltd., a provider of advanced water treatment solutions, announced that it will be establishing its U.S. headquarters in Massachusetts. The company will use this location as its base for expanding its customer base and operations in U.S. industrial water treatment markets where most manufacturing plants require purified water for their operations.

According to Desalitech, the company's Closed Circuit Desalination (CCD) reverse osmosis products lower water treatment costs by 20 - 60% and can shorten return on investment to less than one year. The CCD process maximizes permeate recovery, thereby reducing brine waste and feedwater supply requirements, while lowering energy consumption and increasing the flexibility and reliability of operations. Ideal for industrial water treatment, including supply water purification, water reuse and wastewater treatment, CCD systems are also making an impact on municipal water treatment and seawater desalination worldwide.

Desalitech was founded by Professor Avi Efraty and has grown under the business leadership of Nadav Efraty. Over 75 patents have been granted on the technology, and commercial CCD installations have run continuously since early 2009.

About Desalitech
Desalitech provides resource and cost-efficient water production and treatment products and technologies. Its next-generation CCD process is a patented, proven, highly flexible and reliable water treatment platform that raises recovery, reduces energy consumption and reduces capital cost, thereby lowering the cost of treating wastewater, industrial water, brackish water and seawater.

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