Ecologix water fracking solution named finalist in Platts Global Energy Awards

Oct. 30, 2012
The Integrated Treatment System by Ecologix has been named a finalist for the Platts Leading Technology Award for Sustainable Innovation.

ATLANTA, GA, Oct. 30, 2012 -- The Integrated Treatment System (ITS) -- a solution developed by Atlanta-based Ecologix Environmental Systems for high-volume, mobile water treatment in hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”) operations -- has been named a finalist for the Platts Leading Technology Award for Sustainable Innovation. The award, part of the Platts Global Energy Awards (GEA) program, honors companies and individuals that transcend the status quo by exhibiting excellence in leadership, innovation and performance.

The ITS improves the sustainability of fracking by offering a unique approach to water treatment, combining customizable chemical treatment and a powerful, proprietary dissolved air flotation system design that removes up to 99 percent of harmful solids from virtually any type of frac water.

“The Oil and Gas industries cannot reach their full potential without a sustainable water strategy behind them,” said Eli Gruber, President and CEO, Ecologix Environmental Systems. “Receiving this level of validation from a globally recognized organization like Platts demonstrates that there is real industry support for making frac water re-use a reality.”

The ITS reduces the undue stress fracking places on communities and water resources by properly treating frac flowback and produced water on-site. Frac wastewater treated with the ITS can be reused in future fracking operations or safely released back into the environment, reducing fracking’s overall environmental impact.

Frac water issues are a critical challenge to the energy sector. According to a recent survey performed by Ecologix, an overwhelming majority of oil and gas industry professionals cite frac water treatment as their top concern.

Ecologix’s technological offering to address the issue, the ITS, has strong momentum behind its commercial release. Ecologix already has signed agreements to deploy ITS systems to leading energy industry firms.

Ecologix also has agreements to set up ITS units for a water disposal firm in West Texas – a company that will use the systems to provide environmentally sound and economical alternatives to dry-well injection. The ITS will also generate an additional revenue stream, selling treated water for fracking, while positively addressing industry water supply challenges.

“Water transportation as it relates to the fracking process has tremendous inefficiencies with ‘deadheading,’ where trucks filled with used frac water go to disposal sites and then drive off empty to other sites to obtain more clean water for drilling,” explained Gruber. “The ITS not only enables water re-use in fracking, it creates new opportunities for the industry to adopt a more sustainable and cost-effective model for water logistics.”

More than 500 guests are expected to attend the black-tie dinner at New York’s Cipriani Wall Street on Thursday, November 29, when the 2012 Global Energy Awards will be presented by Platts, the energy and metals information arm of The McGraw-Hill Companies.

About Ecologix Environmental Systems

Ecologix Environmental Systems is a leading designer and manufacturer of wastewater treatment technologies for municipalities and industries including automotive, food and beverage, and oil and gas. Capitalizing on the best talent in the wastewater treatment industry Ecologix consistently delivers sustainable innovation to the market. Ecologix is your complete water management partner. Learn more at Follow Ecologix Environmental Systems on Twitter: @Ecologixsystems. Follow Eli Gruber on Twitter: @Eli_Gruber.


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