inge reports repeat sales of ultrafiltration modules in China

Aug. 24, 2009
GREIFENBERG, Germany, Aug. 24, 2009 -- inge watertechnologies AG has been running a sales office in the fast-growing Chinese market since 2004. In the intervening years, inge has equipped more than 20 plants with its technology for treating industrial process water and wastewater...

GREIFENBERG, Germany, Aug. 24, 2009 -- inge watertechnologies AG has been running a sales office in the fast-growing Chinese market since 2004. In the intervening years, inge has equipped more than 20 plants with its technology for treating industrial process water and wastewater. Nevertheless, achieving a repeat purchase on such a major scale from the number one Chinese company in this industry marks an extraordinary milestone for the German ultrafiltration specialists.

Bruno Steis, inge's Chief Executive Officer, explains further: "News of an order of this magnitude spreads fast in China. Anyone who knows the Chinese market understands how hard it is for Western companies to gain a firm foothold here. So the fact that -- after four years of trouble-free operation -- the operator of a petrochemical plant has chosen our technology to increase the water treatment capacity of its refinery in Dalian almost fivefold is just about the best possible proof you could ask for that our membrane lives up to its promises."

inge's "T-Rack" with "dizzer" modules in Dalian refinery phase 2.The "dizzer" ultrafiltration modules produced by inge have been successfully employed in the Dalian refinery since 2005, providing pretreatment for reverse osmosis. This year, the capacity of the plant was increased to a total of 36,500 cubic meters a day. This time the refinery chose to deploy the "T-Rack" technology from inge watertechnologies. This rack design has been optimized to provide radical improvements over conventional systems in regard to both the technical and economic aspects of module installation. The tried-and-tested dizzer modules are tightly packed together in the T-Rack and are already equipped with pipes, meaning that additional piping is no longer required. In addition, a T-Rack has a footprint that is 50 percent smaller than that of a conventional rack, with a conventional system requiring almost 70 percent more space overall than a T-Rack set-up. Thanks to these features, it is possible to cut the total capital costs of the ultrafiltration system by five percent or more depending on the scale of the system being installed. And the minimal space requirements are an especially crucial factor when it comes to modernizing existing facilities.

The proven resilience of the membrane and the efficiency of the T-Rack have undoubtedly been the trump cards that have enabled inge watertechnologies to acquire projects in China. In addition to Dalian, a further prestigious reference project is the treatment of wastewater at Beijing Capital Airport to enable it to be re-used as "grey water." This plant was put into operation on schedule prior to the start of the 2007 Olympic Games in Peking. In 2008, Hongyanhe Nuclear Power Plant -- one of the most modern new-generation nuclear power stations -- equipped its water treatment facilities for the boiler feed with inge ultrafiltration technology. And 2009 has already seen inge receive a number of orders, including a project to supply its products to another chemical plant in Tongji.

About inge watertechnologies AG
The company inge watertechnologies AG, based in the town of Greifenberg on the Ammersee lake in Bavaria, Germany, employs more than 80 staff and is the world's leading provider of ultrafiltration technology, a membrane process used to treat drinking water, process water, wastewater and sea water.

With a global reach enhanced by its network of partners, the company has implemented numerous reference products around the globe featuring its cutting-edge technology. Its range of products include highly-efficient ultrafiltration modules and cost-effective, space-saving rack designs as the core components of water treatment plants, rounded off by superb levels of technical customer support. All the company's products are based on the in-house development of its patented Multibore® membrane technology, providing the top-quality standards for which German-made goods are known.

The extremely small-pore filters of the Multibore® membrane reliably intercept not only particles, but also microorganisms such as bacteria and viruses, thereby providing a dependable source of clean water.

Deployment of the inge technology also offers significant advantages over conventional water treatment methods, such as rapid and easy installation of the modules and stable, extremely resilient membranes. This makes planning a water treatment plant much simpler while ensuring low-cost installation and operation. And all of this comes with a guarantee of long-lasting reliability.


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