Agreement enables use of green technologies for shipboard water treatment

June 12, 2009
OSLO, Norway, June 10, 2009 -- Two leading international maritime bioremediation technology companies, EnSolve Biosystems of the U.S. and Gertsen & Olufsen (G&O) of Denmark, have entered into a distribution agreement...

OSLO, Norway, June 10, 2009 -- Two leading international maritime bioremediation technology companies, EnSolve Biosystems of the U.S. and Gertsen & Olufsen (G&O) of Denmark, today announced a distribution agreement under which G&O will market and sell EnSolve's PetroLiminator® biological oily water separator (OWS) system under the G&O name.

Under the agreement, which was announced at a press conference at the Nor-Shipping 2009 maritime exhibition in Oslo, G&O will offer the PetroLiminator products alongside its own Bioreactor biological plant for black and grey water treatment.

"EnSolve's PetroLiminator is a natural extension of our Bioreactor product portfolio," said Jakob le Fevre, sales director for G&O. "This agreement will permit us to offer our customers a full suite of 'all-green' treatment solutions for bilge, black and grey water."

"This agreement will leverage G&O's strong relationships with shipowners and shipyards to expand our sales and marketing efforts on a worldwide scale," said David Burroughs, director of sales and marketing for EnSolve. "G&O is a well-established company with an excellent reputation in the 'green technology' marketplace."

EnSolve's patented PetroLiminator system uses a combination of physical and biological means to treat oily bilge water. It treats both pure and emulsified oil, as well as detergents, degreasers and other chemicals in the water. The system generates minimal hazmats and does not produce harmful by-products. No flocculent or coagulant chemicals are used, substantially reducing sludge accumulation. It works totally unattended 24 hours a day, and a built-in fail-safe oil-content monitor ensures that accidental discharge cannot occur. The PetroLiminator system is type approved by the American Bureau of Shipping and DNV. It has also been certified to meet International Maritime Organization (IMO) MEPC.107(49) clean-water standards for overboard discharge and has received MED certification.

"Ships equipped with the PetroLiminator system have consistently achieved effluent levels of less than 5 parts per million (ppm) oil, well below the IMO MEPC.107(49) clean-water standards threshold of 15 ppm for overboard discharge," said Burroughs.

"The PetroLiminator will appeal to the same type of owners and shipyards that find the Bioreactor attractive -- companies that see an advantage in being a step ahead and who focus on environmental best practices," added le Fevre. "The PetroLiminator system is not only a good choice when taking the environment into account -- it is economical common sense. The amount of consumables is minimized, the hazardous waste is less than any other system and the handling time is significantly less than traditional systems."

EnSolve Biosystems Inc., a maritime biotechnology company, is a world leader in the development and manufacturing of biomechanical OWSs for bilge water cleanup.

Gertsen & Olufsen A/S was established in 1945 in Denmark. The company develops, produces, and supplies a unique range of equipment and services to ship owners, builders, and operators as well as offshore operations worldwide.


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