RG Global outlines produced water treatment technology for EPA, DEQ

June 24, 2009
UPLAND, CA, June 24, 2009 -- RG Global recently held an informative meeting with the EPA and California DEQ to discuss the benefits of their proprietary DynIX technology water treatment system...

UPLAND, CA, June 24, 2009 -- RG Global, on Tuesday, June 16th, 2009 held an informative meeting with the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and DEQ (Department of Environmental Quality) to discuss the benefits of their proprietary DynIX™ technology water treatment system. RG Global outlined the key advantages of RG Global's water treatment technologies for treating produced water from coal bed methane (CBM) wells and, most importantly, strategic advantages in cleaning produced water from oil wells.

Primary advantages of DynIX™:
1. Dramatic reduction in waste volume;
2. Solves major environmental issues;
3. Significant savings over current competing technologies;
4. Easily adapted to accommodate a larger range of water qualities and local output requirements through the utilization of "Best in Class" technology.

"The current economic environment has given RG Global a tremendous opportunity to expand its core business beyond that of CBM into the larger oil and natural gas industry," said Keith Morlock, RG Global VP Business Development. "For example, in the oil fields, a new well produces a small amount of water in the early stages, but additional water is needed for 'fracking' (creating fissures in rocks and flow ways for oil). Unlike CBM, as the oil field matures, the water use and the produced water volume grow exponentially. In addition to produced ground water, frack water usually has to be cleaned in order to be re-used. As the volume of ground water grows, most states have increased restrictions and mandated that produced water be cleaned prior to disposing or re-injecting the water. Utilizing a modified version of our current DynIX™ facility, we created a business model based on a repetitive cycle of charging the customer for cleaning their produced water and then selling it back to them, usually as frack water."

To fully benefit from this new model, RG Global is currently developing several key facilities to be utilized for treatment, reuse and disposal of produced waters. Current companies are very successfully utilizing injection wells and evaporation/seepage ponds for water disposal. While this "pay to dispose" model has a great revenue stream, RG Global has based its model on strategic utilization. RG Global will generate additional revenue streams by selling its treated produced water for use in fracking, agriculture, livestock, municipalities and replenishment of surface water.

Grant King, RG Global CEO and President, said, "By basing our model on strategic utilization, RG Global remains dedicated to responsible resource utilization through the balance of environmental, societal and economic growth. We continue to achieve this through advanced research and development for strategic acquisitions of both technology and synergistic partners. The benefit is to our shareholders, the longevity of our planet and future generations through the protection and refinement of our most valuable resources."

RG Global is a full service water and wastewater treatment engineering and construction company headquartered in Southern California.


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