Water, wastewater treatment contract in Alaska to support oil, gas drilling activities

Nov. 8, 2010
Nov. 8, 2010 -- Peak Energy Services Trust has entered into a second wastewater treatment contract with a major international oil and natural gas producer located on the north slope of Alaska, USA...

Nov. 8, 2010 -- Peak Energy Services Trust ("Peak" or the "Trust") announces that it has entered into a second wastewater treatment contract with a major international oil and natural gas producer located on the north slope of Alaska, USA.

Sanitherm Inc. ("Sanitherm"), a wholly owned subsidiary of Peak, is in the final stages of fabrication of the first water and wastewater treatment system to support the drilling camps for this customer (refer to Peak news release dated May 4, 2010 for details). Similar to the first contract, this follow-on contract will provide a wastewater treatment solution that will service approximately 120 personnel and will include a Sanitherm SaniBrane Membrane Bioreactor ("MBR") for wastewater treatment, a Sanitherm/Hydropro Reverse Osmosis for potable water treatment and a Sanitherm/Pennram incinerator for sludge and garbage disposal. The second system will generate an estimated $3.3M in revenue and the expected delivery date is by March 2011.

Mr. Whitteron commented "Peak is very pleased with the execution of this second contract with this major international customer on the north slope of Alaska as it shows a great deal of confidence in the technical expertise of our Sanitherm team and the innovative solutions they provide to a wide spectrum of customers in the growing area of wastewater management and water conservation. Peak is committed to the environment and will continue, through its Sanitherm operation, to aggressively pursue opportunities in the wastewater treatment and water conservation areas to help develop and support the water conservation effort in North America and beyond. Contracts of this nature further augment Peak's strategy to deliver a diverse range of products and services to the oil and natural gas industry and various other industries throughout North America."

About Peak Energy Services Trust
Peak Energy Services Trust is a diversified energy services organization operating in western Canada and the United States of America. Through its various operating divisions, Peak provides drilling and production services to its customers both in the conventional and unconventional oil and natural gas industry as well as the oil sands regions of western Canada. The Trust also provides water technology solutions to a variety of customers throughout North America.

Sanitherm is a wholly owned subsidiary of Peak that builds, installs and operates package sewage treatment plants. Since its inception over sixty years ago, Sanitherm has been involved with over 350 installations worldwide and has provided hundreds of package plants in western Canada for a variety of industries. In addition to this, it currently represents over 20 premier manufacturers from Canada, USA, Japan and Europe, selling water and wastewater treatment equipment and processes throughout the world.


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