Anue Water selects Faco Waterworks as exclusive channel partner for Indiana

March 4, 2021

Anue Water Technologies recently announced that Faco Waterworks is the exclusive new channel partner for the sales and distribution of Anue’s eco-friendly product line throughout the state of Indiana.

Greg Bock, Anue Water VP general manager, said “We are happy and proud to have Faco Waterworks as our exclusive channel partner throughout the State of Indiana. Faco has a 56 year history of leadership in the wastewater treatment industry, an outstanding team of process technology experts and a high-level of energy and enthusiasm for solving customer problems.”

Steve Huffine, Co-Owner of Faco Waterworks said, “Taking on Anue Water’s clean-tech product line is an important addition to Faco Waterworks portfolio and milestone in Faco Waterworks’ long history of service to the municipal, industrial and process water industry. Partnering with Anue Water Technologies enables us to offer clean oxygen/ozone FORSe and Phantom injection systems with remote digital telemetry that pay for themselves in terms of chemical, labor and other operating cost-savings over a 2- to 3-year period. Anue’s FOG busting Enviroprep well-washers and odor eliminating Geomembrane Covers with embedded carbon-filters will also be very popular in Indiana.”

About Anue Water Technologies

Founded in 2005, Anue Water Technologies Inc. is headquartered in Tucker GA. The company manufactures and supplies eco-friendly, high efficiency, patented systems for the municipal and industrial wastewater markets, including oxygen/ozone injection, well-washers and carbon-embedded geomembrane covers for odor, corrosion and FOG (fats, oil, grease) control. For more information, go to

About Faco Waterworks

Since 1965, Faco Waterworks has been delivering municipal, industrial, and process fluid handling solutions to customers throughout the Midwest. 

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