MILWAUKEE — The Water Council has announced that their organization has formed a partnership with the Wisconsin Historical Society (Society) to document the water initiative happening in Wisconsin that they believe will shape the economic future for the state, according to a press release.

It was decided that the significance of the water movement being spearheaded by The Water Council would one day be viewed as a part of Wisconsin’s history, and thus should be well documented now, while the individuals responsible for The Council are still around, and able to contribute to that process, stated the release.  

“The Water Council idea is new, just a few years old, so the records are fresh. The people are still there, the people who created it, they have memories, records; so the idea was to do this now [rather than later],” said Ellsworth Brown, director, Wisconsin Historical Society.

The Wisconsin Historical Society will hire a historian to be housed in The Water Council’s office at the Global Water Center, recently opened in Milwaukee’s Walker’s Point neighborhood, noted the release.