HERSHEY, Pa. — Water industry professionals from Pennsylvania American Water will lead sessions on a number of critical industry topics at the 65th Annual Conference of the Pennsylvania Section of the American Water Works Association, according to a press release.

The annual conference, set for April 23-25 in Hershey, Pa. brings together both investor-owned and municipal water system officials, managers, operators, regulators and suppliers from across the commonwealth, noted the release.

The lineup of Pennsylvania American Water experts addressing the conference and their program topics are:

• Steve Tambini: Using Customer Feedback to Define Value and Improve Satisfaction

• Paul Zielinski: Are You Ready for Unregulated Contaminant Monitoring Rule 3?

• Jon Prawdzik: Reducing Disinfection By-Product Formation in Surface Water Plants to Meet Disinfection By-Product Regulations Using Sodium Permanganate

• Adam McDonough: Water Management Plans for Shale, Gas, Oil Development

• Dan Hufton: Revenue Generating Smart Grid Technology – A Pennsylvania American Water Case Study

• Eric Westfall: Region 13 Knowledge Center & How Utilities Can Benefit from It

• Anthony Emanuele: Approaches to Non-Revenue Water Reduction

• Ray Delo: Health Based Asset Maintenance

• Dan Rickard: Pennsylvania American Water’s Mid-Monroe System: Soluble Iron & Manganese Removal via Oxidation & Filtration

• Ralph Wawrzyniakowski: Improving Pump Efficiency to Decrease Energy Consumption

• Jay Lucas: Pittsburgh Water Treatment Plant Projects

The full schedule of technical presentations at the PA-AWWA annual conference is available at http://www.paawwa.org/PDF/PDFfilesMAIN/2013TechSessSchedREV2.pdf.

Read the entire press release here.