STOCKHOLM — China has awarded an MOH certificate to Bluewater for its three water purifier systems, according to a press release.

All foreign manufacturers of residential water treatment units are required to obtain the certificate, noted the release. The process is considered one of the most stringent regarding qualification and testing standards.

"We are delighted that the Bluewater application for China’s MOH certification has been successful, which is further evidence of the extremely high quality of our water purifiers that offer unmatched clean water delivery rates for homeowners and others who want to remove pollutants such as microorganisms, pesticides, lead, arsenic and other toxic substances from their tap drinking water,” said Niclas Wullt, Bluewater managing director, in the release.

Manufacturers must submit a wetted parts list, schematics, literature, product information and supporting testing data such as NSF certification, stated the release.

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