The Water and Energy Exchange Global annual event is fast approaching

Jan. 24, 2013

MADRID, Spain — WEX Global is a recognized well regarded international summit for leaders from water and renewable energy business sector.

Water and Energy Exchange (WEX) Events Limited has a wonderful track record when it comes to organizing specialist high level summits for the global water and energy sectors.

The company’s upcoming flagship event, WEX Global, is now in its seventh successful year and attracts some of world’s leading organizations operating in the international water and renewable energy sector. WEX Global is a recognized well regarded international summit for leaders from water and renewable energy business sector.

The mission of WEX Global is to bring together leading water and energy professionals from every part of the globe in order to share best practice, expertise and business opportunities. The unique format of the WEX Global program enables attendees to build appropriate effective partnerships that will ultimately lead to the transformation of millions of lives on every continent around the world.

Since its inception, this event has a history of attracting 300-plus attendees in which the top decision makers from both the private sector firms and public sector authorities are very much present — as attendees and/or presenters.

WEX Global combines an outstanding conference program of internationally renowned speakers with a schedule of pre-selected one-on-one meetings designed for each registered attendee. This year, WEX Global will take place in Madrid, Spain February 19-21.

WEX Global is known for attracting a wide range of high level executives, from commercial and technical backgrounds, working in both the public and private sectors. This diversity is clearly reflected in the conference program. Four separate conference streams showcase sessions of critical importance to water professionals including: Sustainability, climate change, water and energy security, finance and investment, innovation and regional business development forums.

The 2013 conference streams for WEX Global will include a number of interesting sessions over a two day period. The sessions will be focused on the following topics: Water, energy and food security; delivering sufficient water and energy infrastructure to support growing urban populations; future opportunities for water reuse; cost-effective and energy efficient means of operating desalination plants; the potential renewal when it comes to the development and implementation of essential physical infrastructure structures; and the role of the private sector when it comes to the delivery of improved infrastructure projects that seek to guarantee more secured ongoing supplies of water, energy and food.

Additional conference sessions will addressthe role of innovative technologies within the global water sector overall; the role of innovative technologies within the wastewater treatment arena; the future potential of initiatives that focus on wastewater sludge-to-renewable energy; the importance of pursuing efforts that focus on improved water asset management in order to better ensure future water supplies; the importance of reducing and controlling non-revenue water; and the importance of investing in future personnel to work and serve the municipal water operations around the world.

Confirmed speakers for WEX Global 2013 represent an impressive mixture of private sector practitioners and public sector officials. Notable presenters will include the Middle East general manager of Malcolm Pirnie Arcadis, the Latin America sales director of Hobas, the executive director for the Board of Advisors for Sabesp, the CEO of the National Water Company (KSA), the managing director of Utico, the chairman of the Board for Czech Water, the CEO of As Tallina Vesi, president of Lahmeyer GKW Consult GMBH, the director of innovation for Acciona Agua, the vice president/technology senior fellow at CH2MHill, the chief executive officer of Dehli Jal Board, the CEO of Cadagua and the CEO of DAWASA.

The regional track will involve sessions that focus on select areas of the world. There will be a regional track that addresses the Middle East/North Africa; a track that focuses on Asia; a track reviewing Central and Eastern Europe; and a track that highlights Latin America/Mexico and the Caribbean.

In addition to delivering delegates top-notched conference sessions, the WEX Global team will work with each attendee to put together a group of one-on-one meetings with fellow attendees and presenters, based on interest and request. Ultimately, every delegate of WEX Global will have a personalized agenda in order to use time most efficiently — attending sessions and meeting individuals that are most useful to specific business needs/objectives. It is a great facilitator in the networking process.

Besides the conference sessions and the one-on-one formal business meetings, there are also roundtable working lunches organized, a Gala Dinner, cocktail receptions and other informal networking opportunities. Collectively, they represent a brilliant opportunity to spend invaluable time with your peers in the water industry.

The big introduction — WEX Global 2013 — will also serve as the launch of the WEX Global Awards for Innovation. The awards will seek to recognize notable achievement in the field of innovation across a broad array of disciplines within the water and energy sectors. Nominations are open to all companies and organizations that have made a significant contribution within the water and wastewater sector with specific emphasis on environment considerations, a sustainable future, financial resilience and innovation. Award categories to be recognized are: Process technology; water and energy; water and/or wastewater management; operations; infrastructure; technology; and finance/ partnerships. To learn more about the awards and the different categories, visit the website page set up for the awards:

Finally, it is useful to re-emphasize that yearly participants and/or sponsors of WEX Global involve representatives from some of the most recognized companies and organizations serving the global energy and water industry. Long standing government and corporate supporters of WEX Global include the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development, CAMBI, SABESP, IDA, Aqualia, Acciona, KPMG, AGBAR, Rockwell Automation, Malcolm Pirnie Arcadis, Sensus, Suez Environnement, Cadagua, Degremont, Seven Trent Services, Echologics, Bentley, Hobas and Itron.

Overall (and as mentioned earlier), the delegates to WEX Global’s intriguing conference sessions and special events include senior executives from water and power utilities, national and municipal authorities, consultancies, engineering firms, research institutions and scientific bodies, developers, urban planners, NGOs, manufacturers, equipment suppliers and innovative solution providers.

Without question, WEX Global should be recognized as an invaluable source of the latest business intelligence and technical knowledge, whether obtained from the expert speakers or in one-on-one meetings with peers from around the world. In fact, Sahana Singh, editor of Asian Water magazine, in writing about the summit has observed “If you want one-on-one meetings with senior executives from the international water sector and lots of networking, which could lead to collaborations and business opportunities, WEX is the event to go to.”

WEX Global 2013 is clearly an event not to be missed. To learn more about the upcoming conference program and to register, visit

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