Desalination plant’s opening date still a mystery

TORREVIEJA, Spain — Municipalities say they will not purchase water from the plant due to price and quality.


TORREVIEJA, Spain — After nine years and a 300 million euro investment, a desalination plant here still has no set opening date, according to the Leader.

This was one of the largest developments in the region, and it was constructed by the Zapatero government to replace water from the Ebro transfer.

There are two remaining problems that are preventing the plant from officially opening: The plant needs a full energy supply and someone to purchase the water.

A needed substation for the plant is still under construction, and farmers in the area assert that the water currently being produced by the plant is of poor quality and it cannot be used on many crops.

Municipalities near the plant say they will not purchase water from the plant because their calculations suggest it will cost 35 percent more than the price that is currently being paid.

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