DW&PS renews collaborative agreement with Haier

March 10, 2014

QINGDAO, China — Haier will purchase residential FILMTEC™ reverse osmosis (RO) components for its high-end residential water purification products.

QINGDAO, China — Dow Water & Process Solutions (DW&PS), a business unit of The Dow Chemical Company, celebrated the first anniversary of its water purification business cooperation with Haier, according to a press release, while a new collaboration agreement between the two parties was also agreed upon.

Haier will purchase original USA-made residential FILMTEC™ reverse osmosis (RO) components for its high-end residential water purification products as part of the new agreement, noted the release.

“The cooperation between Haier and DW&PS worked out very well over the last year, and we look forward to continuing our collaboration to provide safer, healthier drinking water to China,” said Mr. Lance Johnson, Asia Pacific commercial director, Dow Water & Process Solutions.

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The residential FILMTEC RO components involved in the new agreement are U.S.-made products, processed from fully automated and highly efficient production technologies, reported the release, while all specifications of these products measure significantly above international and Chinese standards.

“Thanks to the great support from Dow, Haier’s water purification business was able to develop very rapidly in 2013,” said Mr. Guinan Qu, Haier water purification business head. “The signing of the new cooperation agreement not only concludes a year of successful cooperation between the businesses, but also confirms our mutual commitment to providing quality water purification products to China. The cooperation will help contribute to the development of the industry, rising water purification standards and structuring a new industry landscape.”

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