Electronic water treatment useful in reverse osmosis systems

May 9, 2014

OXFORD, Pa. — This white paper details the benefits of EWT.

OXFORD, Pa. — Reverse osmosis is used in many processes requiring high-quality, purified water, but membranes can quickly become clogged by hard water scale resulting in less membrane space for the water to pass through and requiring more water pressure.

This results in higher energy use, increased cleaning frequency and a shorter membrane lifespan.

Electronic water treatment (EWT) could be an ideal solution to prevent lime scale buildup in RO membranes as it requires no plumbing, chemicals or salt.

At a time when reverse osmosis technology is undergoing rapid growth in the area of municipal and industrial wastewater reuse, control of membrane fouling due to scale and particles in wastewater is a major expense in design and operation.

EWT could save companies and organizations downtime and maintenance costs.

Read the full white paper by Jan De Baat Doelman on EWT and RO systems here.

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