Pacific Institute receives grant for California drought efforts

Aug. 26, 2014

OAKLAND, Calif. — The Bank of America Charitable Foundation awards a $250,000 grant to support California drought research and response efforts.

OAKLAND, Calif. — The Bank of America Charitable Foundation provided the Pacific Institute with a $250,000 grant to help address the severe drought and ongoing water challenges in California and support the institute’s drought research and response efforts, according to a press release.

The Institute will analyze available data on water supply and demand in California and the potential to reduce that demand through water efficiency and conservation, as well as augment supplies through stormwater capture and water reuse, stated the release.

The release continued that the Pacific Institute also plans to expand tools for improving landscape irrigation and for helping residents understand and reduce water use.

“This grant will allow the Pacific Institute to develop short- and long-term solutions to the California drought based on rigorous research and analysis,” said the Pacific Institute Director of the Water Program, Heather Cooley. “We’re excited to work with Bank of America and other organizations on this critical initiative.”

You can find the entire release here.

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