Featured products from AWWA ACE15

June 18, 2015

ANAHEIM, Calif. — Exhibiting companies at AWWA ACE featured technology to help municipalities and businesses improve their water quality, processes, workflows and employee management.

ANAHEIM, Calif. — The city of Anaheim, host to the 2015 American Water Works Association (AWWA) Annual Conference & Exhibition (ACE) June 7-10, uses a groundwater replenishment system (GWRS) to recycle wastewater, which is returned to groundwater via recharge basins, providing a drought-proof source of water for the region. The water was delicious and refreshing after a long day of traveling the exhibit hall floor visiting old and new friends in the industry. This recharging and conservation of drinking water resources was a major theme at this year’s show as was a focus on Total Water Solutions®.

Exhibiting companies at AWWA ACE featured technology to help municipalities and businesses improve their water quality, processes, workflows and employee management. Brief summaries of some companies’ displayed and featured products and systems are included here:


Our booth neighbor Datazeo featured its SWiM system during the show. SWiM Networks’ AMI integration eliminates the hassle of adding new AMI endpoints because as an AMI meter comes online it is automatically removed from your meter reader’s route. And if an AMI meter fails, the address is reinserted in the route without the need for your utility staff to perform any audits. The system also delivers timely usage information to their consumers’ mobile and desktop devices. In addition, utilities can acquire and manage read data in multiple intervals per month across an entire community or for targeted high volume user accounts. For more information, visit www.datazeo.com.

EMD Millipore

Spectroquant® Test Kits for Water Analysisprovide a range of pollutant tests that provide clear answers for wastewater, seawater, cooling, boiler and drinking water. EMD Millipore’s solutions offer chemical oxygen demand cell tests with unlimited chloride tolerance; chloride, silicate and sulfate tests; and manganese and volatile organic acid tests. The company also featured its EZ-product family — an integrated solution for streamlining microbial workflows in quality assurance and quality control laboratories. To learn more, visit www.emdmillipore.com.

Krausz USA

Krausz USA launched its HYMAX VERSA coupling — an all-in-one product that can stab-fit two pipes of same or differing materials and diameter or wrap around a damaged pipe section. This technology offers options for making repairs quickly. For more information, visit www.krauszusa.com.

North American Specialty Products

North American Specialty Products LLC, a Westlake company, celebrated the opening of a new Material Science Laboratory in Leola, Pennsylvania. The new facility will aid in the development of modern pipe formulations that provide performance benefits to the engineering and contracting communities throughout the company’s business segments. The company also featured six piping systems for trenchless construction: C900/RJ and C905/RJ Restrained Joint PVC Pipe and Couplings, C900/RJIB Restrained-Joint Integral Bell PVC Pipe and YelomineÔfor municipal water and sewer systems; the Certa-Com Conduit System for telecommunications and electrical applications; CertaFlo GreenLine; and the new StraightShotÔflush-joint PVC pipe for sewer systems. To learn more, visit www.naspecialtyproducts.com.


Sigma Corporation introduced wedge-action restraining glands for ductile iron pipe in 54-inch, 60-inch and 64-inch sizes. These new products complement the increasing need for nominal mechanical joint fittings required in all water sectors. The company also featured an expanded line of trench drain solutions, with 35 new products added to the line. For more information, visit www.sigmaco.com.

Singer Valve

Singer Valve launched two products at the 2015 show. The Model 106-2PR-630 Pressure Management Valve automatically switches between high- and low-pressure settings based on the flow rate. The technology requires no power source and can be retrofitted in the field. The company also launched the Single Process Controller with proportional-integral-derivative (PID) implementation. It is compatible with supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) Modbus, has a color display and features data logging. To learn more, visit www.singervalve.com.


Xylem Inc. unveiled a new drinking water treatment solution that removes the most challenging contaminants, including ‘contaminants of emerging concern (CECs). Xylem’s Leopold Oxelia is a multi-barrier solution — an oxidation-enhanced, biologically active filtration system that enables the production of a safe and reliable supply of clear and biologically-stable, treated water with no taste or odor issues. During ACE, Xylem experts delivered a series of presentations detailing in-the-field examples of Xylem solutions that address complex issues including water reuse, wastewater treatment, stormwater management and groundwater disinfection. For more information, visit www.xyleminc.com.

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