Linde at WEFTEC; US Water acquires Tonka Water; WEF launches podcast

Sept. 14, 2017

Movers & Shakers industry news: Linde presents oxygen recovery system for O3 generation units at WEFTEC; U.S. Water acquires Tonka Water; and WEF offers podcast.

Linde presents O2 recovery system at WEFTEC

Linde LLC’s OZORA oxygen recovery system is designed to dramatically reduce oxygen (O2) consumption during production of ozone for industrial water treatment. Commercial ozone generators that use corona discharge, a high-energy electric field process, split O2 molecules, which reform with free O2 to produce ozone (O3). However, around 90 percent of the O2 used in the process is not converted to O3 and remains unused at a high cost. The system efficiently separates O3 and recycles O2 back to the O3 generator, reducing O2 consumption by up to 60 percent. This technology has been jointly tested and validated with SUEZ, a leading manufacturer of ozone generators. The systems can be sized to match new O3 generation units or engineered to retrofit existing water treatment operations.

US Water acquires Tonka Water

With the acquisition, U.S. Water, an ALLETE company, expands its integrated water treatment equipment offerings and applications. Tonka Water’s engineers customize water treatment solutions for a variety of applications including surface water, groundwater, water reuse, industrial process water, remediation and advanced wastewater treatment. Headquartered in St. Michael, Minn., U.S. Water’s national footprint serves a growing and diverse mix of over 4,800 industrial customers, including a significant number of Fortune 500 companies, offering integrated water solutions by combining chemical, equipment, engineering and service to optimize system performance, reduce water and energy usage, and improve efficiency.

WEF launches podcast

The Water Environment Federation (WEF) launched a podcast titled Words On Water that will feature conversations with influential and interesting people who work in the water sector. Through these conversations, episodes will explore topics including infrastructure, innovation and technology, resource recovery, workforce, research, and public awareness. Listeners will also hear the latest news from WEF. Words On Water can be found at and is available on iTunes. Episodes will be published at least every two weeks.

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