Solar project at wastewater plant; PRAB renews partnership; Dow wins award

Nov. 3, 2017

Industry news roundup: Eos solar project at wastewater plant; PRAB renews partnership for green solutions; Dow RO product wins award for sustainability.

Solar project at wastewater plant

Eos Energy Storage announced the installation and commissioning of a 250 kW, 1 MWh Eos Aurora DC battery system at a wastewater treatment plant in Caldwell, New Jersey. The batteries are a central component of Public Service Electric and Gas Company’s (PSE&G’s) on-site solar-plus-storage microgrid that will help keep the facility operating during extended power outages. The microgrid includes an Eos Energy Storage system and an 896 kW-DC solar PV system designed and installed by Advanced Solar Products.

Siemens Energy Management integrated the Eos Aurora system, solar facility and existing diesel generator, using the Eos Znyth battery technology as the backbone of the microgrid to reinforce emergency resiliency. Siemens also provided the intelligent control technology to monitor, manage and distribute power across the system. Under normal conditions, the solar panels deliver power to the grid and the battery storage system can provide value-added grid services for integrating solar onto the grid and participating in ancillary markets. The solar installation, combined with Eos’ long-duration energy storage, significantly extends backup power capacity and emergency operation of critical water treatment capabilities. The integrated product solution combines Siemens’ AC power conversion and intelligent controls with Eos’ modular Energy Stack design to enable quick deployment and ease of maintenance.

PRAB renews partnership for green solutions

PRAB Inc., an equipment and systems manufacturer for processing metal scrap and spent fluids as well as treating oily wastewater for recycle and reuse, announced the continuation of its partnership with EVALED, a European manufacturer of industrial systems that treat wastewater by accelerating the natural evaporation process. With this announcement, PRAB continues to be a major distributor of EVALED systems in North America. A division of the Italian-based water treatment company Veolia Italia, EVALED specializes in three primary types of evaporation technology ­– heat pumps, hot/cold water evaporators and mechanical vapor recompression (MVR) units – to help industrial customers reduce their energy consumption, minimize their CO2 footprint, and use less water in their operations.

Dow RO product wins award for sustainability

The Business Intelligence Group awarded Dow Water & Process Solutions’ FILMTEC FORTILIFE Reverse Osmosis and Nanofiltration elements with the Sustainability Product of the Year in the 2017 Sustainability Awards program, which honors people, teams and organizations who have made sustainability an integral part of their business practices or overall missions. Dow Water and Process Solutions, a business unit of Dow, is a global leader in sustainable water separation and purification technologies. The DOW FILMTEC FORTILIFE elements transform wastewater into pure water and pure salts for reuse at approximately 60 percent lower cost than thermal treatment. The new reverse osmosis element designs are equipped to tackle challenging biological and organic fouling encountered when recovering up to 95 percent of pure water from wastewater.

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