SUEZ develops new lab; Fluence deploys test unit; Anderson Process expands reach

Nov. 28, 2017

Industry news roundup: SUEZ develops Texas research lab for oil and gas industry; Fluence deploys MABR test unit to Stanford University; Anderson Process acquires American Controls.

SUEZ develops Texas research lab for oil and gas industry

SUEZ is developing a new laboratory expected to open mid-2018 in Tomball, Texas, north of Houston. In addition to continuing the research and development of specialty chemicals for the industrial segment, the new facility will include further process innovation in the oil and gas industry, focusing on global upstream and downstream applications. The new laboratory also will provide industrial water, oil, microbiological, deposit and metallurgical failure testing to support SUEZ’s customers. In addition, the site will have an advanced technical training center for engineers and scientists — both internal and customer-oriented. Currently designed for more than 80 researchers and support staff, additional support facilities have been engineered in place at the design phase, allowing for efficient and cost-effective future expansion.

For the oil and gas industry, customized experimental simulation capabilities that closely mimic the field environment are being added and upgraded. New research and application development efforts will continue in process and water chemistry for oil and gas production, transport, refining and petrochemicals, emphasizing all unit operation support, failure and root-cause analyses. It also will allow for expert services and application technology as well as a new emphasis on sensors, monitoring solutions and digital domain for process-focused solutions.

Fluence deploys MABR test unit to Stanford University

Fluence Corporation signed an agreement with Stanford University to deploy, test and evaluate its MABR wastewater treatment technology at Stanford’s Codiga Resource Recovery Center (CR2C). The unit is expected by January 2018. The installation introduces MABR to the continental United States and California, specifically where there is a high demand for wastewater treatment technology. The unit will allow CR2C faculty and research students to conduct independent evaluations of the MABR wastewater treatment technology and processes. Deploying the unit will assist Fluence to test and achieve California’s strict Title 22 requirements for water reuse and allow observation of the plant in operation. MABR systems represent a cost-effective decentralized treatment for reuse, as well as an affordable upgrade to a large existing installed base of conventional treatment plants aiming to achieve nitrogen and phosphorous removal.

Anderson Process expands reach with acquisition of American Controls

Anderson Process, a Midwest supplier of process equipment and services, acquired American Controls Inc., a pump distributor and service provider in the Michigan and northern Ohio regions. The acquisition is expected to capitalize on complementary products and services between the two companies and continue to expand Anderson Process’ geographic reach. After the acquisition, Anderson Process will have warehouse and service facilities in Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan and Ohio to allow the company to specify and supply a comprehensive line of process equipment, including pumps, hoses and filtration, to nearly anywhere in the Midwest region. Earlier this year, Anderson Process acquired another pump distributor and service provider, Werner Todd Pump Company, increasing the company’s presence in Indiana, Kentucky and Ohio.

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