Microdyn-Nadir acquires Oltremare; Veolia selected by power plant; Inge wins contract

Jan. 22, 2018

Industry news roundup: Microdyn-Nadir acquires Oltremare; Veolia water system selected by power plant; Inge wins contract for desalination project.

Microdyn-Nadir acquires Oltremare

Microdyn-Nadir, the water treatment business unit of global filtration company Mann+Hummel, announced the acquisition of Oltremare, a European manufacturer of spiral-wound membrane elements. Oltremare, based in Fano, Italy, produces custom and private-label spiral products and distributes reverse osmosis, ion exchange and other products used for water treatment and purification. The acquisition will allow Microdyn-Nadir to expand its wide range of membrane filtration products, including reverse osmosis, nanofiltration, ultrafiltration, microfiltration and membrane bioreactors, to provide more options to its global customer base. It serves companies treating water and wastewater as well as companies focusing on a variety of process applications such as dairy, food and beverage. Its range of products can remove both dissolved and suspended solids. This transaction is expected to be completed by the end of January 2018.

Veolia water system selected by power plant

Kiewit Power Constructors Co. chose Veolia Water Technologies Inc. to engineer and procure the raw and demineralized water treatment systems for Hickory Run Energy’s new 1,000-megawatt combined-cycle natural gas facility in Lawrence County, Pennsylvania. Currently in the construction phase with a commercial operation date of April 2020, Hickory Run will provide efficient, clean and reliable power to the PJM electric market when completed.

Veolia water treatment system at Hickory Run power station. Image courtesy of Veolia.

The 5,000-gpm raw water treatment system at Hickory Run will incorporate Veolia’s proprietary high-rate clarification, filter and moving bed biofilm reactor (MBBR) technologies. The feedwater to the plant will be effluent from the local publicly owned treatment works (POTW) and will be used as plant cooling water and boiler feedwater after demineralization. By utilizing treated sewage effluent instead of fresh water, the power station can conserve 5,000 gpm of fresh water resources.

Inge wins contract for seawater desalination project

Inge was selected by the petroleum company Saudi Aramco to provide UF modules as a pretreatment stage for a seawater desalination plant in the port city Jazan, Saudi Arabia, on the coast of the Red Sea. The Inge modules are designed to deliver 105,000 cubic meters of filtered water a day (27.8 mgd) to the reverse osmosis stage. Saudi Aramco requested a high-quality UF system and a series of rigorous requirements for the technical equipment and documentation.

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