Ecoremedy receives investment; Alpha Water installs RO system for wind-powered desalination; FlowCam Nano wins award

April 9, 2018

Industry news roundup: Ecoremedy receives investment; Alpha Water installs reverse osmosis system for wind-powered desalination project; FlowCam Nano wins award.

Ecoremedy technology purchased by Rockwell Venture Capital

Rockwell Venture Capital announced an asset purchase of Ecoremedy, an innovative wastewater conversion technology that repurposes industrial, agricultural and municipal sludge into renewable energy and recovered nutrients, while reducing carbon footprint, waste management risk and operating costs. The Rockwell investment provides the newly formed company, Ecoremedy LLC, with the capital to penetrate the waste disposal market. According to Rockwell, Ecoremedy has been developing, testing and deploying this system for more than a decade and is poised for growth across many industry sectors. Rockwell Venture Capital intends to “build/own/operate/manage” projects in the U.S. with international focus on equipment sales through strategic project development partners.

Dave Mooney, president and CTO of Ecoremedy, earned his first patent in air filtration as a process engineer with W.L. Gore and Associates.  In 2001, as vice president of REM Engineering, a predecessor to Ecoremedy LLC, Mooney focused the renewable energy firm’s attention on the potential of generating clean energy from agricultural wastes. Led by Mooney, the company patented the Ecoremedy technology in 2005 and has since proven the process through a one-year demonstration project at Tyson foods, a four-year R&D testing facility in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, and two commercial deployments.

Alpha Water completes reverse osmosis system for wind-powered desalination project

Alpha Water Resources, a service and turnkey solutions provider of water treatment systems, completed the installation and initiation of a reverse osmosis (RO) system for an ongoing desalination project in Colorado City, Texas. The system, powered by wind turbines, is capable of processing up to 250,000 gallons of water per day, with the potential to scale up to 1,000,000 gallons. The six-year project to utilize wind power in the water desalination process leveraged an approximately $2.6 million grant from the Texas Department of Agriculture for the implementation of the wind-powered RO system. With these funds, Mitchell County purchased the RO system from a Houston-based company and selected Alpha Water Resources to complete the project and implement the system, working with the selected engineering firm, general contractor and the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ).

FlowCam Nano wins Excellence Award at Pittcon 2018

At the annual Pittcon Conference and Expo in Orlando, Florida, Fluid Imaging Technologies received Silver in the Pittcon Excellence Awards for its FlowCam Nano and Nano-Flow Imaging capability. The award is delivered to new products recognized for ingenuity and innovation in laboratory science. The key feature of the FlowCam Nano is its ability to image and identify, in real time, particulate matter in a fluid where the morphology of the particles is critical to their characterization. Fluid Imaging Technologies offers a range of FlowCam products including FlowCam technology for wastewater treatment applications.

“The patented FlowCam Nano was born of a vision years ago for a disruptive improvement in the limited resolving power of a standard air objective flow imaging microscope," said Kent Peterson, CEO of Fluid Imaging Technologies. "Through the unique combination of oil immersion microscopy, a blue LED, along with a higher power objective, we have been able to detect and image particles in the nanoparticle range, something not previously possible."

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