ASML finances hydropower plant; US astronaut to keynote WateReuse; OxyShark motion graphic wins award

June 25, 2018

Industry news: ASML finances new hydropower plant in Norway; U.S. astronaut Captain Scott Kelly to deliver keynote at 33rd WateReuse Symposium; OxyShark motion graphic for biological wastewater treatment process wins award.

ASML finances new hydropower plant in Norway

Sandvik, a small hydropower plant on the west coast of Norway, is now generating electricity and supplying clean power to the grid. ASML, the Dutch technology company and supplier of photolithography systems, provided top financing to the building of Sandvik through a high-impact renewable energy product called ECOHZ GO2. GO2 combines the purchase of documented renewable power with the financing and building of new renewable power capacity. When a business purchases GO2, they match the energy they consume with documented energy production from a renewable source with a direct contribution to the ECOHZ Renewable Energy Foundation. The foundation identifies and lends money to renewable energy projects that are ready to be constructed but lack the final capital needed to initiate construction.

US astronaut Captain Scott Kelly to deliver keynote at 33rd Annual WateReuse Symposium

The WateReuse Association announced that U.S. astronaut Captain Scott Kelly will deliver the keynote address for the 33rd Annual WateReuse Symposium, September 9-12, 2018, in Austin, Texas. From U.S. Navy fighter pilot to record-holding astronaut, Captain Kelly will draw from his experiences to deliver unparalleled life lessons, fascinating stories and candid commentary on his epic journey — providing symposium participants with a new appreciation for time, space and water. Captain Kelly’s keynote address about his stories from space and personal reflections on leadership, teamwork and testing limits will set the stage for a comprehensive technical program that showcases the latest success stories in water recycling, shares new ways in which communities and industries are adopting water reuse strategies, and discusses emerging innovations that will drive greater implementation and acceptance of water reuse in coming years.

The Annual WateReuse Symposium is a national conference dedicated solely to advancing the policy, technology, innovation and public acceptance of recycled water.

OxyShark motion graphic video for biological wastewater treatment process wins award

TRINDGROUP marketing agency received an Award of Excellence in the 2018 Public Relations Council of Alabama (PRCA) Medallion Awards competition for a motion graphic video depicting an aerobic biological wastewater treatment process for its client, OxyShark. To demonstrate the process, the motion graphic depicts the OxyShark system at work in a real-world use scenario — a car wash — and a scripted voiceover narrates each scene. By leveraging 3D renderings, setting the scene and narrating the process, the OxyShark motion graphic effectively explains the system’s wastewater treatment technology to potential users.

The biological treatment process within the OxyShark system happens at a microscopic level, and the system is housed in a large box. TRINDGROUP faced the challenge of visually showcasing the complex system despite a lack of access to photography or traditional video. View the video here: