Hyrec opens plant; WesTech expands package treatment; Rawson and Azbil partner

Industry news: Hyrec launches pilot plant; WesTech expands package treatment plant line; Rawson and Azbil announce partnership.


Hyrec launches pilot plant

Hyrec, creator of the osmotically assisted reverse osmosis (OARO) technology, deployed a test plant. OARO is designed to achieve a final brine concentration of up to 250,000 ppm TDS NaCl while operating at less than 70 bars. Feed capacity of the plant is 7.35 m3/h. Industrial scale testing and projects are expected to take place in conjunction with commercial partners from the U.S., Indonesia, Kuwait, Japan, India and Germany in mid-2019. This will act as a final step before the full commercial launch of OARO the following year.

WesTech expands package treatment plant line

WesTech Engineering added its RapiSand Plus to its line of package treatment plants for industrial water and wastewater. This package treatment plant provides clarification and filtration within one tank. The ballasted flocculation system in the first stage mixes coagulated raw water with microsand to create a ballasted floc that settles rapidly. The mixed-media filter in the second stage removes turbidity, remaining suspended solids, color, iron and manganese.

Rawson and Azbil announce partnership

Rawson, a valve and flow products solutions provider, signed a distribution partnership with Azbil North America (formerly Yamatake). Rawson will sell and service Azbil’s portfolio of industrial automation and control products in Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Texas. With the partnership, Rawson gains access to Azbil’s pressure transmitters, electromagnetic flowmeters and temperature transmitters.

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