Desalination plant in Oman to treat, reuse safari park wastewater

Jan. 22, 2019
AquaPak desalination from Modern Water plc will use the produced water for the theme park, guest accommodation, irrigation and more.

OMAN, JAN 22, 2019 -- A major new safari theme park in Oman has chosen an AquaPak desalination plant from Modern Water plc, the UK-based owner of world-leading technologies for water and wastewater treatment and for water quality monitoring. The customer will use the produced water for the theme park, guest accommodation in hotel villas and camp site, theme park rides, hospitality units, irrigation and animal welfare. Modern Water also provided advice on the water distribution network for the park.

Modular, and quick to install, AquaPak will provide high quality water for the park that is designed by John Chipperfield, part of the same family that has been synonymous with providing entertainment for over 300 years, including the world's first safari park at Longleat in England, over half a century ago.

Simon Humphrey, CEO of Modern Water, said: "Winning this prestigious order underlines our ability to bring high quality yet affordable water technologies to the world -- and support them fully with our team of experts".

Low on energy consumption and capable of supplying between 100 m3/day and 500m3/day, and capable of being combined in a modular way to achieve even higher capacity, Modern Water's self-contained AquaPak system is suitable for a variety of water supply applications, including potable, industrial, temporary or emergency, construction sites, oil and gas facilities, as well as leisure resorts, golf courses and hotel complexes - even in extremely remote locations. Learn more at

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