Ridgeline Energy Services enters agreement for six water treatment facilities in Texas

May 21, 2012
Energy services and water treatment company Ridgeline Energy Services Inc. (TSX-V: RLE; OTCQX: RGDEF) has signed an agreement with Kerr Energy of Fort Worth, TX, for the installation of six water treatment facilities to be located in western Texas...

CALGARY, AB, Canada, May 21, 2012 -- Energy services and water treatment company Ridgeline Energy Services Inc. (TSX-V: RLE; OTCQX: RGDEF) has signed an agreement with Kerr Energy of Fort Worth, TX, for the installation of six water treatment facilities to be located in western Texas.

The agreement with Kerr Energy is for seven years with a right of renewal and has projected revenues of $24 million dollars in the first five years. The first of Ridgeline's water treatment facilities will be installed on Kerr Energy's Salt Water Disposal ("SWD") wells located near Monahans, Texas, and will treat produced and hydraulic fracturing flowback water for reuse by the oil and gas industry. In addition, Ridgeline will share water and oil recovery sales with Kerr. The agreement with Kerr marks a major step forward for Ridgeline into the business of treating water for resale in the oil industry.

Ridgeline currently operates another nearby facility treating produced and flowback water outside Jal, New Mexico, as well as a water treatment facility in Santa Fe Springs, California. The Santa Fe Springs facility currently treats industrial wastewater, produced water, and flowback water from surrounding oil wells. The business model for the new Kerr Energy facilities will be the same as at Santa Fe Springs. Wastewater from multiple clients will be delivered to these facilities for treatment and resale or disposal.

"This new contract will initially setup expansion just 50 miles south of our current facility in New Mexico, and grows our company's presence further south and west in Texas. This growth fits perfectly, and allows us to concentrate expansion geographically," stated Dennis M Danzik, developer of Ridgeline's water treatment technology.

Hydraulic fracturing involves the injection of millions of gallons of water, sand and chemicals under high pressure into productive formations, which stimulate production by creating pathways for oil and gas to escape into the wellbore. A large portion of this water returns to the surface as a by-product or waste stream and must be disposed of properly into a designated facility or treated for beneficial reuse.

Kerr Energy, based in Fort Worth, TX, was formed in 2007 by three veterans of the oil and gas industry. Jim and Mike Martin (with over 30 years' experience in the industry) along with Ian Kerr were active in the Barnett Shale and Permian Basin in the areas of leasehold acquisition, royalty, and working interest offerings. In late 2010, Kerr Energy recognized the high demand of water utility in the west Texas arena. As such, they embarked on an initial build of five fresh water locations within the Midland/Odessa area and west towards Barstow, TX. With a clear view of the current and progressive scarcity and value of water in the region, Kerr was pleased to find that Ridgeline Water Inc. has a technology that has arrived right on time for this situation. Kerr believes Ridgeline is the best partner to progress the services of disposal, fresh water production, and oil recovery. Kerr Energy currently operates five water stations in western Texas, and plans expansion to more than a dozen in 2012.

"Our research and work with Ridgeline over the last several months has proven to our organization that Ridgeline offered the best technology and manufactured equipment to perform and survive in the rigorous oil field environment," stated Ian Kerr, Kerr Energy CEO. Mr. Kerr also stated, "Our current group of western Texas based water supply operations will now be expanded to include treatment and disposal. It is our plan to recycle up to 80% of the wastewater returned. As the year progresses, the plans are to add water treatment to an existing facility every two to four months, depending on volume, contracts, and obtaining the required operating permits."

"To our knowledge, this is the largest water reclamation, and recycling effort for the oil and gas industry in west Texas. Ridgeline is working to build similar relationships with water suppliers in other strategic areas of Texas and New Mexico. Opening our technology to additional revenues from oil recovery, and water supply is now an important part of our business opportunity and strategic plan. This development for us is a result of the mounting need for waste water recycling and we look forward to much growth in this direction," stated Tony Ker, Ridgeline CEO.

About Ridgeline Energy Services Inc.
Ridgeline Energy Services Inc. is an energy services and water treatment company. The Company is applying proprietary technology to treat the large volumes of contaminated water generated by oil and gas production. The Company is working with energy majors in the application of its technology for the recycle and reuse of; produced and hydraulic stimulation flowback water; enhanced recovery chemical flood water; and oil sands process water. As well the Company is applying its technology in the testing and treatment of commercial and industrial waste water. Through its environmental consulting and remediation subsidiaries, Ridgeline Environment Inc. and Ridgeline GreenFill Inc., the Company has built a reputation as an established provider of environmental services to North America's oil and gas industry. The Company trades on the TSX Venture Exchange under the symbol "RLE" and the OTCQX as "RGDEF." Additional information is available on the Company's website at: www.ridgelinecanada.com.

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