In June 2013, Watts Water Technologies opened its new foundry, focused on producing industry-leading lead-free products such as backflow preventers and pressure regulators. One year later and following AWWA’s ACE14, a select group of members of the media were invited on a special tour of the facility.   

The group, which included Water Technology’s Editorial Director Rich DiPaolo and Sales Manager Lisa Williman, toured the 30,000-plus sq. ft. foundry led by our tour guide and Watts’ Design Engineer Mike Mullavey.

According to literature provided by the company, construction on the new foundry began in August 2012; operations began in May 2013; and full operations in June 2013.

Below are some photos of our tour.

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In June 2013, Watts Water Technologies opened the 30,000 sq. ft. foundry, an expansion to the Franklin, N.H. facility of one of its operating subsidiaries, which produces products for many of its brands. Photo credit Watts.