BIRMGINGHAM — Water Technology Assistant Editor Maria Woodie caught up with Anago Cleaning Systems Executive Vice President Adam Povlitz, who offers insight into National Water Quality Month.

In this podcast, Povlitz shares tips for businesses and residents on how to conserve and more efficiently use water.

“Anago actually services about 5,000 or so clients across just the U.S., [and] when you factor in all of the sinks, mops, spray bottles, restrooms, [etc.,] we are talking about a lot of water,” said Povlitz. “So for us, our most effective weapon is educating not only our staff but our franchisees and the consumer on water conservation techniques. We happen to be a family oriented business, [and] when we think of water conservation we don’t just acknowledge what results we can get today, but also the benefits for our children [and] our children’s children.”

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