BIRMINGHAM — Water Technology Assistant Editor Maria Woodie recently spoke with SanEcoTec CEO Els Vanbeckevoort to discuss hydrogen peroxide disinfection.

In this podcast, Vanbeckevoort offers insight into what hydrogen peroxide is, how it is employed in water treatment, how it compares to other forms of disinfection, product certifications and regulations, the new generation of hydrogen peroxide and more.

“Hydrogen peroxide is a very strong oxidizer, so it is like a water molecule with an extra atom of oxygen attached to it,” says Vanbeckevoort in the podcast. “It can steal electrons from cell walls of bacteria, and in that sense it can destroy them from within. And [hydrogen peroxide] also can actually treat other contaminants as well; it can react and oxidize them to other less harmful products as well. But in a sense, if you like, it always works in the mechanism of oxidation; that is the way that it is able to disinfect.”

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