BIRMINGHAM — Jeff Szabo, environmental engineer for the National Homeland Security Research Center in EPA's Office of Research and Development, spoke with Water Technology Assistant Editor Maria Woodie about bio agents in water.

In part two of this special two-part podcast exclusive, Szabo offers insight into various types of bio (biological) agents, including microorganisms such as bacteria and bacillus spores, commonly found in water, as well as the various risks they may pose to the public.

On what municipalities can do to lower the threat of bio agents in water sources, Szabo explains, “I think it is safe to say that really the best thing you can do is just maintain the integrity of your drinking water system. Operate it well; make sure a disinfection residual is present; and probably one of the [most] important things is to think about contamination instances ahead of time. Think about how they could happen and what you could do after something like that occurs.”

Other highlights in the podcast include: Recent tech briefs/studies on bio agents released by EPA, the persistence of bio agents in water tanks and infrastructure, resources available to help with bio agent contamination concerns and more.

In case you missed it, check out part one of this podcast between EPA and Water Technology regarding pharmaceuticals in wastewater here.

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