BIRMINGHAM — Water Technology Assistant Editor Maria Woodie discusses the launch of with Sourcewater Founder and CEO Josh Adler.

In this podcast, Adler offers insight into how companies can maximize recycling, secure water supplies and minimize costs.

“There are starting to be real shortages of water as demands from population growth, agricultural growth, the growth of cities and energy production [increase]. All of these things have been going up and actually with the record droughts going on in the Southwest and the West, water supplies have been going down a lot,” said Adler. “And so that should cause an increase in price; and when there is an increase in price, people find ways to conserve; and they find alternative ways to solve the same problems and apply their ingenuity to it. And supplies go up because now you have something that is more valuable than it used to be, it’s worth your effort. [Sourcewater] thinks that is the [component] to bring new water resources into a marketplace — non-fresh water.”

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