BIRMINGHAM — Phil Rolchigo, Ph.D., Pentair’s vice president of Global Technology, spoke with Water Technology Assistant Editor Maria Woodie about the WEFTEC 2014’s panel discussion titled, “Resource Recovery from Wastewater: Emerging Trends,” which focused on wastewater recovery in municipal systems.

In this special podcast, Rolchigo offers insight into the WEFTEC panel discussion and why it is important for the water industry to start viewing wastewater plants as resource recovery plants.

On referring to wastewater treatment plants as resource recovery plants, Rolchigo explains, “Wastewater actually is a pretty rich resource in terms of the ability to recover water and reuse water, the ability to recover energy and using the energy for other beneficial purposes — sometimes offsetting the energy used in the wastewater treatment plant its self or exporting that energy, and also in the recovery of nutrients in the wastewater treatment plants.”

He continues, “So when you look at this in total by being able to recover and reuse the water from the wastewater treatment plant, to recover energy and to recover these nutrients, you actually have a new type of plant. It’s not a wastewater plant it is [really] a resource recovery plant.”

Other highlights in the podcast include: How current water challenges impact water reuse and technologies, common misconceptions of wastewater and reuse/recovery, how water reuse regulations are constantly changing and more.

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