BIRMINGHAM – Recently, at AWWA ACE 2014 Water Technology Editorial Director Rich DiPaolo was able to catch up with Dan Shaver, business development manager for Aquionics Inc.

In this special podcast from the trade show floor, Shaver discusses UV LED technology and its uses and impacts to the water treatment market.

On moving into the UV LED market, Shaver had this to say, “We saw this as an opportunity for new technology. UV has been around for a long time, but UV LEDs has been seen as something that’s just been on the horizon. Aquionics has really taken the initiative to commercialize the products and bring it to the market because we see it as an advantage for the industry.”

Other highlights in the podcast include: The difference between UV mercury lamps and UV LED technology, and whether UV LED technology will replace UV mercury lamps; types of applications best suited for UV LED technology; misunderstandings about UV LED technology; other technologies on the horizon; and the future of UV LED technology.


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