David R. LaVance, president and CEO of Integrated Environmental Technologies, is an expert in hydraulic fracturing and what it takes to disinfect many types of wastewater, including fracking wastewater.

IET has created a product called Excelyte™ for disinfecting large quantities of water from hydraulic fracturing sites.

Water Technology caught up with LaVance to discuss the issue of hydraulic fracturing in the United States today, why it is so controversial, the issues with fracking wastewater and how those issues can be resolved.

“The controversy centers on the idea that while we need fracking…at the same time, the method that’s deployed is one where we  use a lot of water,” said LaVance. “The concern is that the water will eventually leak into the water tables.”

Added LaVance, “Everyone has this interest, in fact we have both interests: We have interests in obtaining the energy and we have interest in protecting our water supply. So the controversy is how do we do it, and are the chemicals currently being used in the fracking process toxic or dangerous to the environment. And that’s a legitimate controversy.”

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