NEW YORK — WaterAid Nepal has boosted efforts to prevent the spread of cholera, typhoid and other waterborne diseases by supplying public health radio programming, water, sanitation and hygiene services to people living in the districts hit the hardest by the recent earthquakes, according to a press release.

Several people are left without clean water and areas to go the restroom because of the severe damage to water and sanitation infrastructure from the earthquakes, stated the release.

WaterAid worked with longtime partner organizations to deliver water purification tablets to 4,565 people which should last 10 days, reported the release.

WaterAid expects to reach thousands more in the coming days as further supplies are received, continued the release, including water purification tablets, emergency community water filters, hygiene kits containing buckets, sanitary napkins, soap and cloths.

To help prevent the spread of waterborne diseases, WaterAid Nepal has also launched a series of radio broadcasts urging survivors to take extra precautions with personal hygiene, water and sanitation, noted the release.

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